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What are the important requirements for running a yoga school?


Running a successful yoga studio is a dream for many people. A person who dreams about running a yoga school will have to answer hundreds of questions occurring in his mind. What are the important requirements one has to possess to run a successful yoga studio?  Some important tips in this regard are furnished below.

  1. Have a clear vision 

A strong underlying vision is necessary for the person mind who wants to start and run a yoga studio successfully. Therefore the first step becomes creating a clear vision as well as a mission running a yoga school like where to start the school and what courses are to be taught etc. Vision is what we are aiming for in the future. It has to be aspirational, creative, and forward-thinking. Your vision statement should outline where you want to be in the future. It should also communicate the purpose as well as the values of running a yoga school.  A mission statement will be talking about how to reach your aim. It will clearly define the purpose and the objectives of the yoga studio which are connected to the customer’s needs as well as team values. Some important questions for which you will have to find your answers when creating your vision, as well as the mission, are given below.

  1. What are the strengths and qualities of me? You have to be modest and honest in writing down your skills.
  2. What are my basic strengths?
  3. What is my ambition in running a yoga school? Where do I want to bring my yoga studio and myself in the next ten years?
  4. What does success mean to me?

Your future decision will be clearer and easier if you have already a well decided mission and vision. It will make it easier to decide about the classes and the other services you wish to offer in your yoga studio. It will also help you to decide upon the qualities and qualifications you wish to have for your yoga teachers. If your core values are already fixed then finding an answer to these questions as well as running a yoga school becomes easier to answer.

2. Make a realistic plan

Starting your own yoga studio cannot be completed without deciding and implementing the matters related to the financial side. It will be good if you can take a look at the step by step method of starting a business advocated by the Chamber of Commerce. Discussing your plan with an accountant or a financial expert is also a good thing you can do at this stage.

You also will have to decide how you are going to finance your studio in the years to come. When is it expected to become profitable? Do you need somebody to finance your project?  Are you ready to price your services in such a way that it becomes profitable in a few years?

It has been found that many people find it difficult to manage matters like realistic pricing and making money regarding all matters related to running a yoga school. It is better to find one’s own relationship with money.  How are you using money? Understanding your own beliefs regarding money is necessary to decide on matters like realistic pricing and how to make profit out of what you are earning from running a yoga school. Once your vision is clear you find it easy to align all matters according to your intentions and aspirations. This is important in making your yoga classes successful and profitable in the long years to come.

  1. Location is very important

The success of running a yoga school is very much related to the location where you are going to start the new yoga school. It should be located in such an area where a large number of people are living. This is very important if the income from running a yoga school is going to be your only income.  As a thumb rule you can fix a 50,000 people living in that area where you want to start a new yoga studio. In such a place it will be possible to acquire hundred memberships as the minimum requirement for starting a new yoga training centre. The following aspects are also important while considering the location of a new yoga training centre.

The studio should be easily accessible by are as well as through any public transport system

When you think about running a yoga school online, it will be good if you can provide enough space for the students approximately at the rate of 2.5 m2 per student.

Basic facilities like a changing room, a reception, a toilet and perhaps showers etc. has to be arranged.

A clean and neat space suitable for a comfortable climate will be the right space needed for a yoga studio or training centre. The temperature has to be under control and good ventilation also has to be provided.

Expenses like rent, water, electricity charges, etc. can be estimated to be around 20% of the expected turnover for the first year. The presentation comforts provided and accessibility are important factors which play crucial roles in the success of a yoga center or studio.

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