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Types of Mattresses in India Explained – Shinysleep Mattress


India is known for one of the largest democracies in the world. Being a democratic country, every person has the right to choose or make decisions. Every person has a different personality or comfort level and one type of product or service can’t help to meet everybody’s requirement same applies to the mattress a well. One common type of mattress won’t be able to meet different requirements. But despite being the availability of different types of mattresses in India, it is difficult to choose your best fit. This blog helps you to get a better understanding of the different types of mattresses available in market. This blog also helps to get a better understanding of what benefits mattresses offer.

Here are some types of Mattresses in India:

* Spring Mattress:

Being a standard and traditional foam mattress, this mattress remains widely employed by people thanks to its support and bounce. The basic structure of a spring mattress involves a spring or coil along with PU foam. This also varies as different manufacturers use different layers or types of springs. Spring mattresses comes in different varieties like Bonnel spring, offset coil, pocket spring, innerspring. Pocket spring mattress is better than others because it reduces motion transfer making it a more convenient one.

* Orthopedic Mattress:

People suffering from back or joint pain should use this mattress. Orthopedic mattress is helpful if you are looking for a hard mattress for back and body support. It provides support to the targeted area and helps in getting a good posture for sleep. Doctors also recommended to rest on the orthopedic mattress to get relief from joint or back pain. But it is not suitable for everyone. Some orthopedic mattress is too firm that doesn’t match your body comfort and will cause more health problems in the long run.

* Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory foam mattress provides outstanding comfort, support and relieves pressure. It adapts according to the body shape and remembers your sleeping position after a period of time that’s why it is referred to as memory foam. It gives body-hugging comfort to its users which helps in providing relief to backache and joint pain problems. This type of mattress provides good resistance to dust and bugs and comes with superior comfort. It is very suitable for those who get cold while sleeping as memory foam mattress helps in providing a cozy and warm feeling but advance cool gel foam layer can help in air circulation through support layers that help to keep you cool.

* Latex Mattress:

Latex mattress is prepared with the help of a natural milk-like product derived from the sap of a rubber tree. This makes it popular and a great choice for eco-friendly users. It is available in two types i.e. natural latex mattress and hybrid latex mattress. Both are free from harmful chemicals. These mattresses have a good cooling effect, bounce, and have an anti-allergic feature.  It provides great support to the pressure points that help in proper body alignment while sleeping.  This mattress is usually expensive but comes with a great lifespan which makes the cost ultimately fair.

* Dual Comfort Mattress:

In the manufacturing of this mattress PU, Bonded, and PE foam is used. It is designed to provide comfort to people looking for a combination of both soft and hard mattresses. Dual comfort mattress is usable from both sides based on your preference.

* Futon Mattress:

Different variety of materials like cotton, foam, springs, and Polyurethane is used in its manufacturing. It is also referred to as a foldable mattress as it is used for sofa cum bed and can be folded to convert into a sofa from bed and the mattress also doubles as a sofa cushion.

* Adjustable Air Mattress:

These mattresses have an inbuilt technology that allows users to adjust mattress firmness and because of its numerous air chambers, you can adjust each side of the bed separately. It helps in enjoying a customized sleep experience for couples with different sleeping requirements.But Children or small kids should not use this mattress as it can gives a suffocating feeling. These are not very successful for daily use.

We at Shinysleep provides many types of mattresses in India to meet different individual needs. We designed our mattress in a way that provides maximum comfort to your sleep and doesn’t affect your health.  You can choose the mattress that best fits your style and need as well. Visit our website and bring home the comfort from the comfort of your home by placing the order online.

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