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Top Best 10 Romantic Resorts in India


India is perfect for a romantic vacation with your spouse. Think about enjoying a candlelight dinner in an ancient palace, taking a boat tour under the moonlight, your private island, and let your romance bloom in these magical environments. You can get all of these in India. Today, we have selected the 10 best romantic resorts in India. Add interest to your love life at these charming resorts. 

10. Serai Chikmagalur in Karnataka 

Karnataka is famous for its majestic temples. Serai is in the middle. The complex has four private villas with swimming pools, jacuzzis, and large windows. Children are not allowed to enter. Estate Terrace has a paddy field as your backyard. As you walk with your spouse, let the pleasant smell of spices from the nearby fields enchant you. You can also explore the magnificent temples of Belur and Halebid, where Shiva and Shakti have been worshiped for centuries. You can also enjoy a deep tissue coffee massage at the resort’s Oma Spa. 

9. The Tamara, Coorg 

The Tamara Resort Coorg is 260 kilometers from Bangalore. In the original 170 acres private space, you will only experience gentle curving roads and the air of blooming flowers. The resort is located on a lush coffee plantation, which also appears to float above the misty Kodagu Valley. It is equipped with luxurious facilities and the suites are designed for seamless bonding. Waking up in the morning, the sky under the mountain was red, lying in bed and drinking a cup of coffee. For you and your partner, this is the perfect luxury hotel to be alone in. 

8. Ahilya Fort Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh 

Ahilya Fort Maheshwar is located in Madhya Pradesh. Whitewashed walls are filled with royal images, bougainvillea-decorated courtyards, and ancient bronze statues that tell you stories of love, romance, and bravery. The hotel consists of 13 rooms, including the spectacular River View Narmada Suite and the Nim Suite, where the Marata queen Ahilia Baihorka once lived.

7. Barefoot at Havelock, Andaman Islands 

Barefoot at Havelock is a perfect romantic getaway. It is famous for its pristine white sand beaches, azure blue waters, and rich corals. It is one of the best resorts on the island and is the location of Ratanagar Beach. There are 19 elegant cabins and villas, each built with local materials, with tribal architecture you will fall in love with. Wake up in the morning to go snorkeling or fishing, and then relax in a hammock all afternoon, the sand is itchy under your feet. End your day with couple care at the Ayurvedic Health Center in Barefoot. 

6. Glenben Tea, Darjeeling Manor 

The Glenben Tea, Darjeeling Manor offers some of the most idyllic scenery in India, from where you can see the mighty Kangchenjunga. It has eight suites, each in a luxurious colonial style, with a four-poster bed and claw-foot bathtub. You can also reserve the Glenburn Lodge and Campsite on the banks of the River Teesta, where you can sit around the campfire and the hotel chef will prepare an al fresco dinner for you to enjoy under a star-covered blanket. 

5. Ri Kynjai Resorts, Shilong 

Situated in the east of Scotland, Shillong offers the most romantic holidays in the most idyllic natural surroundings. Ri Kynjai is the perfect honeymoon destination, located in Cherapunji, Mosinram. The community has a rich Cassie culture. It has an overturned boat roof, which can drain excess water from the world’s rainiest areas. The pine-paneled rooms have balconies overlooking the tranquil Umiam Lake. 

4. Butt`s Clermont Houseboats Resorts, Srinagar 

Butt`s Clermont Houseboats, in Srinagar, is a typical honeymoon destination. Enjoy one of the five Butt’s Clermont houseboats. It is moored in a secluded corner of Dal Lake and enjoys magnificent views of the calm waters and surrounding snow-capped peaks. These are ideal and comfortable houseboats, built from cedar wood, with carved wooden pieces and Kashmiri artwork. It is perfect to spend a lazy afternoon on the balcony in the middle of a spectacular landscape. 

3. Nandadevi Estate Binsar Resorts, Uttarakhand 

Nandadevi Estate Binsar, located in Uttarakhand, is a heritage property located at 7,500 feet above sea level in the Kumaon Himalayas. It has three bungalows with uninterrupted mountain views and is surrounded by dense forests, providing absolute privacy. She also organizes outdoor activities so that they can spend time together without interruption. 

2. Wildernest Resorts, Goa 

Wildernest is located in the Western Ghats, where the states of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka meet. This romantic resort is a perfect example of living in nature. There are lush green areas all around, but we recommend that you choose a room with a waterfall view. There is nothing to do here, so plan to get to know each other better this time. In the evening, while the light is still strong, climb up the hills, breathe the relaxing mountain air and watch the spectacular sunset. 

1. Vaamika Island, Kochi 

On Vaamika Island in Kochi, you will find a private 7-acre island with two main residences: Sun Rise and High Noon. These centuries-old Kerala houses have been restored and relocated to the island from nearby villages, which have lakeside swimming pools, gardens, massage pavilions, and private butler services. They have a “dining anywhere” concept, you can ask the housekeeper to cook by the swimming pool or water lily pond. Spend a quiet and refreshing place with your spouse in the hot summer. End your romantic experience with dinner.

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