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Top 5 Features to Test in RXNT EHR Software Demo


What Does an EHR Do?

Organizations that are dealing with incoming traffic of patients often have to deal with the balance of operational efficiency with cost-effectiveness. When you watch the RXNT EHR demo, you will see that the software gives you the necessary tools that make patient care a piece of cake without having to worry about the burden of administrative work stalling you.

Using an electronic health record, or an EHR software for your practice can help you out when it comes to managing the records, processes, and communications that occur with patients and staff members at your practice. This software works with small, medium, and large-scale enterprises.  

The RXNT EHR has been created in order to take over the care and maintenance of your patient records, along with the option to use innovative tools at a price that works for you. Because of this, you can use an integrated software remotely with physicians. 

RXNT EHR Features

Here are some of the major features that you will be able to spot during your RXNT EHR demo experience. 

Document Patient Encounters

One of the features that you can use when interacting with patients is called Patient Encounters. This tool can be used to choose from a library of already created templates that will help you gather crucial information from patients at each encounter.

The best thing about the Patient Encounters tool is that it can be customized to the needs of your own practice and the specialty that you are associated with. You can use the library of templates to find one perfectly suited to your specialty.

Chart Effectively

Another amazing feature offered by RXNT is the fact that you can make your practice’s workflow in a smooth way where you can have the space that you need without worrying about getting lost in software that you don’t understand.

This is particularly why the charting tool is easy to understand and accessible to all regardless of age and experience with IT solutions. Using this, you can also easily create patient charts that are not just created with ease, but understood and interpreted easily as well. 

When you place a lab order, your patient’s results will automatically show up on your patient’s chart in the database, minimizing the chances that you may either miss out on lab results, enter them into the wrong field, or enter them more than once by mistake. 

Exchange Data Seamlessly

One of the ways in which RXNT is useful to people interested in clinical documentation is that it allows for data exchange. It is important for medical software to be equipped with the tools that allow for an exchange of data with various stakeholders.

These stakeholders can include the patient, the health insurance provider, the payers, any type of health registries, or affiliated organizations that have a connection to your patient, medication, or the treatment plan. 

Instead of having to spend a lot of time sharing data, you can now share it securely through the RXNT EHR software, which will improve your clinic’s productivity and at the same time ensure that you are not creating any HIPAA non-compliance by losing private information. 

Check-In Patients Easily

The staff members that are working at your medical clinic can use the easy patient check-in tools to create profiles for new incoming patients in a quick and effective manner. The best part is, if you are in a paperless office, you can easily use devices to check patients in. 

Set up a kiosk or use an iPad device in order to connect with patients and do patient intake without having to worry about a long intake form that would be a hassle to fill out.

Intuitive Patient Portal

The RXNT EHR software is also included with the patient portal that has been integrated within the software. Using the portal, patients can schedule appointments, manage bookings, check their documents, pay bills, and manage bookings. 

In addition that, physicians have the ability to communicate and interact with their patients using the secure tool for messaging that provides real-time updates on patient’s health; this can be a crucial part of the formation of a healthy relationship between a doctor and their patient.

Should I Get RXNT EHR?

Now that you’ve read through all of the different features available during the RXNT EHR demo, you’re ready to take on the demo and see what RXNT is like in real life and in real-time. You can then decide on what features work well for your practice, and see if RXNT is something that is compatible with the workflow at your clinic. In any case, we are certain you’ll think RXNT is a good contender for EHR in your office. 

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