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Top 20 News Websites To Follow In India 2021


News is an integral part of our daily lives. With a smartphone and internet, now news headlines are away at a single click. You can get the latest updates before your morning newspaper vendor even arrives. Top news websites such as ETV news cater to a broad audience in multiple languages. Here are the top 20 news websites that you need to check out in 2021.

  1. ETV Bharat

ETV Bharat is a digital platform that delivers national news in a seamless manner in over 13 languages. It has other sections such as ETV news live, ETV live today etc.

  1. NDTV News

NDTV has various other media channels based on a specific niche, such as NDTV Lifestyle etc., and has a wide coverage.

  1. IbnLive.In

The unique thing about IbnLive is the facility to interact with reporters and editors, making it popular amongst readers.

  1. BBC News India

BBC News India has a clutter-free and straightforward user interface that makes it relatively easy to read.

  1. Indian Express

The ePaper that is laden with news in all kinds of niche makes it entertaining and attractive to the masses.

  1. Faking News

Faking News presents real-life issues with a dash of humour and satire for capturing the attention of the readers.

  1. India Today

It is a pioneer in the field of reporting and was established in 1975. Now, it focuses on hiring young Indian journalists.

  1. WebDunia

This news website offers sections such as politics, Bollywood gossip, international affairs and sports in various languages.

  1. Samachar

Samachar is owned by the sify group. It has the latest news available in multiple regional languages such as Gujarati, Kannada etc.

  1. Reuters India

Reuters India covers relevant news and provides the reader with facts and high-quality information without any drama.

  1. ZeeNews.Com

Just like its counterpart on television, uploads breaking news before competitors.

  1. Oneindia is an online news website with a massive following of readers. It offers news from every genre.

  1. Hindustantimes

One of the oldest news houses, the brand stays up to its name, be it in the paper niche or online industry.

  1. First Post

This website offers comprehensive sections of news such as business, sports, politics, sports and Bollywood.

  1. Bollywood Hungama

It is an online news website that has complete coverage for Bollywood news and box office reports.

  1. Mid-Day

Mid-day news websites include some very loved genres such as comics, lifestyle, relationships with generic news.

  1. MTV India

It is a dedicated news website focused on offering dedicated content regarding music, artists, reviews, gossip and Vjs.

  1. News24 Online

It is a highly read news website that upholds the good reputation of the news channel with various awards.

  1. Gizbot

Gizbot is the fastest growing technology website in India that offers the latest developments in technology in no time.

  1. Silicon India

One of the first websites that features technology and entrepreneurship for busy working professionals.


The way we consume information has drastically changed. It is time to move onto digital platforms and save the environment. Additionally, all these website offer news in multiple languages for wider reach and more relatability. Find the news that you love to read with a single click.

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