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Top 10 Online Salon Booking Apps in Noida



We are all aware of the fact that online platforms are gaining a lot of popularity and making a lot of things easier for us. It is becoming the fastest growing business platform in today’s time, be it anything you can easily order online, book online, do anything online in this modern era. It has made salon booking 100 times easier for people to book in today’s time, there are plenty of online salon booking apps available in the market today but obviously, we cannot just rely on anything present, right? This is why we have to choose the right one for ourselves that provides us with complete assistance and the best customer service.

We should go for the one that has a list of the best salons and spas, provides the option of easy payment, no trouble in scheduling appointments, and easily allows us to cancel or reschedule appointments. There are plenty of other points that should be kept in mind while choosing an online booking appointment. In this article, we will provide you with the top 10 online salon booking apps in Noida. This will make it very easy for you to select one for yourself.

The Top 10 Salon booking apps

Here are the top 10 salon booking apps that have all the features that you want in one, it will provide you with every convenience you require. Without much ado, let’s look forward.

1. Zoylee App

With so many platforms and apps present in the market that allow the salon owners to book appointments online, very few are there that provide an advantage for both customers and the salon owners. The online salon booking app Zoylee is a top-quality online booking app. It assists you in booking the best and the salon you want in a fraction of seconds without creating any troubles. It helps you in locating nearby best salons so that it becomes easy for you.

This is not only beneficial for the customers, but it is also helpful for the salon owners, it invites the business owners to join them to enhance their business. The vital part about this app is that it only suggests completely hygienic and sanitized salons in these tough situations of a pandemic. They will take care of all your requirements and provide you with the best service that is completely affordable. So, without wasting a minute, check the online salon booking app Zoylee and experience smooth salon appointment bookings.

2. Beauty Glad

Beauty Glad is an online salon booking service that will provide you with all the services of a salon in the comfort of your home. Their main aim is to provide safe and hygienic services at your doorstep, all the professionals here wear face masks and hand sanitizer. They use sealed, branded and original products for your service. They are pocket friendly and are trusted.

3. Urban Company

It is a well known company that provides salon services at the comfort of your home. You can either book a salon appointment and visit there at the given time slot. You can choose multiple services like beauty services, massage therapy and many other salon services in just a few clicks. They take care of the hygiene and only provide you with well-experienced professionals. It has all the convenient options for you.

4. Yes Madam

Yes madam is a salon at home service, it is one of the highest rate apps. You can easily book services and you will get the professional on your doorstep. In these pandemic situations, they take care of their health and hygiene completely. It provides beauty and grooming services to women and men and charge Rs.6/8 per minute, in this way you will only have to pay the amount they have engaged and the products that you use.

5. Lokaci

This is also one popular online booking app. You can easily find salons or parlors of your choice according to your convenience and book the services at a reasonable price. They have filters in their app so that it becomes easy for you while searching the salon for your service. It consists of all types of salons from luxury to budget-friendly. You just have to make the choice.

6. Be U salon app

This has multiple salons and services for you and makes it very easy for you to book the services according to your requirements. You can book an online salon appointment and you can also book services for your home. You can do anything according to your convenience and book their budget-friendly services.

7. Salon Iris App

Salon Iris App is another salon booking application that will assist salon owners to manage appointments online. You can easily book salon services with just a few clicks. The best feature about this application is that it allows you to book through Instagram and Facebook as well.

8. Mydala App

This is one of the most convenient salon booking apps. You can book an appointment with any salon anytime you want and can get discounts every time you book services through it. There are options for multiple services like beauty parlor, salon, spa, tattoo, and health. You can choose any according to your requirements. It is very user-friendly.

9. Salon Booking System

This is a type of management application for the business owners to manage their work and the customers to book the appointment. You can make online payments and all types of parlors, salons and spas are available in this app.

10. Looks Salon

This is an online salon booking app that makes it easier for you to book a salon appointment. All you have to do is fill a form on their website and according to your requirements, they will give you a call to book an appointment which takes a duration of about 60 minutes. They only work during working hours.

Benefits of booking online salon services

1. Easy appointment books

2. 24/7 customer service

3. Easy payment

4. Better staff management


Getting down to the place and booking an appointment is a thing of the past now, you can easily now take the assistance of the online salon booking apps, and get services easily booked for you. With the advent of technology many things have changed, now also have to change and be a part of the fastest growing business. Book yourself a salon service appointment from the comfort of your home. 

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