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Tips to Choose the Best Immigration Consultants


Every year thousands of Indians migrate to different countries for work and studies. The number is increasing with every passing year. People immigrate to find better prospects in a foreign country. However, the immigration process for most countries is quite lengthy. You can’t just pack your bags and settle in a different country. You will have to apply for immigration and obtain approval before you migrate. The best immigration consultants in Chennai can make this process easier for you. 

There has been a rapid rise in the number of consultants in India in recent years. But, unfortunately, most such ‘consultants’ are either fake or useless. So, you have to be very careful while choosing an immigration consultant for yourself. 

Here’s what you need to do to find the best one:

1.    Do some research 

Try doing some research before selecting a consultant. The internet makes things easy for you. You can search for the best immigration consultants in Chennaion Google and get a list of names in your area. Then, go through their websites and try to find more about them. You can also check the reviews they have received, which will tell a lot about the quality of service they provide. If they have got good reviews, they are probably good at their job. You can also ask people you know about these agencies/consultants and get some ideas. 

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2.    Visit personally

Once you have selected a few names in your region, you will have to visit each one personally. The agency you choose must have a registered physical office and a dedicated team to offer consultation services. Do not fall for physically non-existent or vague agencies. No reputed organization will run its business from shady corners or work without a dedicated office and workforce. During your visit to the office, try to keep your ears to the ground. If you find anything suspicious, steer clear of such agencies.

3.    Verify registration

To ensure that you choose a genuine consultant, you need to verify their registration papers. An immigration consultant should be registered to offer you immigration consultation legally. Confirming their registration with the country you want to migrate to ensures that you get authentic service from your consultant. Moreover, the consultant will be able to track your application directly and keep you updated. 

4.    Ask about their experience

Having an office and registration isn’t enough. The best immigration consultants in Chennai should also have vast experience to be able to offer genuine help. Immigration laws often change, and a consultant must be updated about the same. Moreover, having an experienced consultant to guide you will improve your chances of getting approved for immigration. He/she will suggest the best choice of country and offer support all the way through. 

5.    Talk about transparency and security

Before you hire an immigration consultant, make sure that they have an excellent transparency policy. There shouldn’t be any hidden fees, and they should keep you updated about your profile, application, and the progress of your immigration process. In addition, you must inquire about the security of personal details you provide to the consultants during the application process. The agency must guarantee the complete security of the data that you provide. Any data leaks could be harmful to you. 

6.    Know about the refund policy

You should be clear about the refund policy before hiring an immigration consultant. If your application isn’t approved, you are entitled to get a refund of the service charge. However, the percentage of the refund, process of refund, etc., should be fixed before you make any payment to the agency. In addition, there should be clear terms and conditions that indicate what you are entitled to in case of disapproval of your immigration letter. Make sure that you check this before proceeding. 

7.    Avoid false promises

Many consultants make false promises to lure in naïve candidates with attractive prospects. They promise to get you guaranteed jobs or scholarships, which most people are after. However, most of such promises are false, and you end up getting nothing. The best immigration consultants in Chennai never do that. They may help you get a job or scholarship in a country of your choice, but they will not guarantee anything. Therefore, you can trust such agencies. 

8.    Avoid individual agents/freelancers

Immigration consultation is not the work of a single person. It involves various services, and thus, several professionals. A single agent or freelancer can’t offer you advice, prepare your documentation, submit your application, prepare you for the interview, etc. However, an agency will have dedicated professionals to handle different services. So, you will get the best assistance from an agency. 

This may seem like a lot of work, but a little effort on your part can change your future for the better. You will be able to hire the best immigration consultants and make sure that your dream comes true. 

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