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Tips for ovarian maintenance!


Reducing androgen levels and regulating endocrine disorders will also have certain benefits for ovarian health.
If you want to do a good job of egg and ovarian maintenance, you can do as flowing.
Take a sitting position, keep the spine upright, relax and inhale, stretch your hands up, hold for 5 seconds; exhale, put your hands together, put them on your chest, balance your breathing, and practice repeatedly.
Efficacy: This action is beneficial to enhance the oxygen of the heart and lungs, oxygenate the head, and rest the brain. It relieves the pain of waist and abdomen caused by irregular menstruation, and also keeps the ovaries in the best resting state.
Take a sitting position, keep the spine upright, slowly bend forward, hold the calf with both hands, loosen the front and tighten the back for 5 seconds.
Efficacy: This action can strengthen the circulation of Qi and blood in the entire vertebral body, prevent various gynecological diseases caused by weak kidney qi, eliminate tension, and promote the normal secretion of ovarian hormones.
You can take a sitting or standing position, keep your body upright, exhale, slowly twist your waist to the maximum limit, hold for 5 seconds, once for left and right, repeat the exercise several times.
Efficacy: This action can correct abdominal distension and pain caused by normal posture, and also promote the disappearance of follicular cyst tissue that occasionally appears in the ovary, which plays a role in maintenance.
Sit up straight, inhale gently, hug your right leg with both hands, squeeze your right abdomen, hold for 10 seconds, exhale, after the right side action is completed, change to the left side.
Efficacy: This action can massage the internal organs of the abdomen, promote the circulation of Qi and blood in the abdomen, and have the effect of warming and replenishing the uterus and ovaries.
notes on ovarian maintenance
Not sedentary
Lack of exercise can easily lead to qi and blood circulation disorders, making the ovaries abnormal and affecting pelvic health. If work is almost inseparable from “sit”, it is best to rest for 10 minutes after every 40 minutes.
Avoid staying up late
It is said that beauty comes out of sleep. Staying up often will affect ovarian function and accelerate aging. Female friends go to bed no later than 11 o’clock at night. Patients with physical weakness should try to avoid staying up late to work.
Pay attention to scientific weight loss
Indiscriminate weight loss can also harm the ovaries, directly leading to ovarian function damage, causing menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, and hair loss. So don’t go on a diet to lose weight, and don’t do excessive vigorous exercise.
Pay attention to diet, keep cold and warm
During the menstrual period and postpartum, you must pay special attention to feeding, keeping warm, avoiding cold, avoiding cold and irritating foods, keeping the body healthy enough, and qi and blood unobstructed.
Avoid negative emotions
Excessive pressure in life or poor mentality of women can easily cause mental stress and depression, and these emotions will also affect the health of the ovaries. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain physical and mental health and avoid excessive fatigue.

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