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This Summer Beat the Pollution by an Air Purifier


It is no hidden truth that there is a  massive amount of air pollution, which is increasing day by day. But one thing that many of us don’t know is that the air pollution is also increasing indoorsas much as outdoors. 

During summer, when the weather gets hotter, many people prefer to close their doors, shut the windows, and turn on AC, air coolers or fans. This may seem to be a good idea, but according to a study, it is reported that the air indoors can be 2-5 times as polluted as the air outdoors. The airborne pollutants in the indoor air continue to stay there due to lack of air circulation.

Indoor pollutants like dust, pollen, mites, VOCs and allergens can cause health issues, which can be reduced by refreshing the stale air through air purifiers. They can cause increased problems to asthmatic patients, neurological problems, and infections in the respiratory system. You can be healthy if you eliminate air pollutants indoors by using good quality air purifiers.

Air Purifier Benefits

99% of the airborne particulate matter can be removed from the home environment using air purifiers with HEPA technology. This has many health benefits as it keeps you and your family safe from airborne diseases by removing the air pollutants. With an air purifier in India, you can always breathe in pure air in all seasons.

  • Increased Life Expectancy

Your neurological systems, respiratory system, and the cardiac system can be affected by indoor air pollution. Some of the airborne particles are so small that they can penetrate the blood-brain barrier, which can impact your cognitive functions and brainpower. You can get better quality of air by trapping the fine particles using a good air purifierin India.

  • Eradicate Hazardous Asbestos Particles

Though asbestos sheets are not a common roofing material anymore, you can still find a few houses with such roofing solutions. Long-term asbestos exposure is harmful to health. Using a HEPA air purifier in Indiacan go a long way in overcoming lung-related problems due to asbestos exposure. 

  • Harmful Radon Removal

Radon gas is produced by certain materials of the building, like uranium. The odourless and colourless nature of radon makes it more dangerous as one does not even realize its presence. It can emit from materials of buildings such as granite, soil, and rocks.You should check the cracks on the plasterwork, walls, or floor. Through the cracks, these carcinogenic radon gases can be leaked into the environment. The lung’s cell linings may get damaged due to exposure to Radon gas. According to a report, around 21,000 people die every year due to radon gas.You can be protected from harmful radon gas and particles by using HEPA air purifier India withcarbon activated filters.

  • Improve Sleep Quality 

You may get hay fever or allergies if there are indoor allergens like dust mites, fungi, bacteria, etc. Running nose can be caused by hay fever, which lasts for many weeks. Your sleep can get disrupted due to allergic symptoms such as sore throat, watery eyes, congestion in the nose, coughing, and frequent sneezing.Your productivity can be affected, and you may get drowsiness in the daytime if you do not get adequate sleep at night. Use a good HEPA air purifier to remove all the allergens and get a good night’s sleep.

  • Stay Safe from Airborne Diseases

Tiny pathogens that are floating in the air can cause airborne diseases like flu or the common cold. Your family members can get sick even if a singleperson in the family catches the flu. When there are viruses and bacteria in the air, whoever is breathing the same air will get infected.Air purifier with HEPA filters can capture these viruses and bacteria. You and your family can be safe if you remove the cause of the disease. 

  • Neutralization of Unpleasant Odours 

The indoor environment may have several odours caused by formaldehyde, benzene, and gasoline,breaking down at room temperature. You can find these kinds of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in air fresheners, upholstered furniture, aerosol sprays, and paints. Your cognitive functions can be affected and can cause breathlessness and nausea from these odours.Air purifiers help you to remove all these unpleasant odours by neutralizing them. 

Air purifiers are a must-have nowadays, irrespective of whether it is summer or winter. It is better to be safe than sorry. To live healthy, it is essential to ensure that the air you breathe is safe. Check out the air purifier price and invest in a good quality appliance. 

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