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The Mechanism Of Morning Standing And The Relationship With Health!


“Morning standing” in a state of erection when waking up in the morning. When you are young, you tend to think of morning standing as an embarrassing phenomenon.

As you get older, you don’t get up in the morning, and it becomes a source of trouble.

Men who feel that they haven’t been able to stand up lately may have health problems.

In this article, we will explain the mechanism of morning rise and its relationship with health and introduce the causes of not standing in the morning and how to deal with it.

What is the mechanism of morning standing?

Morning standing is a phenomenon that occurs in all healthy men regardless of physical arousal.

It’s a physiological phenomenon, so it’s not embarrassing.

Men try to keep their healthy by pumping blood into their getting an erection while they sleep.

Morning standing is part of the “nocturnal penile erection phenomenon.”

Morning standing is a part of the “nocturnal penile erection phenomenon” and is a physiological phenomenon that occurs unconsciously.

Healthy men have about 4 to 8 erections when they sleep at night.

And the nocturnal erection phenomenon is closely related to the sleep cycle.

Morning standing is healthy proof.

Morning standing indicates that the male organs are working normally. The occurrence of an erection during sleep indicates that sufficient blood has been delivered to the corpus cavernosum.

Periodic erections occur while you sleep, sending fresh blood to your keeping your muscles flexible.

Morning standing is not a nuisance, but it has an important role in protecting male function and a healthy lifestyle.

Isn’t it a sign of ED that you don’t stand in the morning? Three possible causes

If you feel that you haven’t been able to stand up lately in the morning.

This is because if the erection power due to standing in the morning weakens, it is inevitably considered that the erection power during love also weakens. Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to improve ED.

Morning standing is one of the important factors for considering the initial symptoms of ED, the degree of ED, and the cause of ED.

Fatigue / stress

Excessive fatigue and stress are said to be the cause of all illnesses and can also cause not getting up in the morning.

Especially when stress builds up, the parasympathetic nerves are less likely to be stimulated, making it less likely that an erection will occur.

Working men tend to accumulate fatigue and stress due to work responsibilities and pressures.

It is important to switch between work and private as much as possible so as not to accumulate fatigue and stress.

Male menopause

Menopause, in which the male hormone (testosterone) decreases, is also thought to be the cause of the inability to stand up in the morning.

In the case of women, female hormones decrease sharply with menopause, but male hormones gradually decrease with age.

Excessive stress and pressure can also reduce male hormones.


The thinnest of the arteries in a man’s body is the penile artery.

And blood disorders such as arteriosclerosis are more likely to occur from small blood vessels.

Therefore, a blood disorder in the arteries may be the cause of the inability to stand up in the morning.

If left untreated, the blood disorder can spread not only to them but also to the blood vessels of the brain and heart, which can lead to serious illnesses such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

Three things to try to increase the frequency of morning rise

Morning standing is as beneficial as health. Frequent morning rise is evidence of good physical health.

Here are three things you should do to increase the frequency of morning rises.

Exercise moderately

Moderate exercise promotes blood flow, so it also works for morning rise. Lightly walking or stretching in the morning reduces stress and improves blood flow. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 to improve energy.

In addition, muscle training is effective in secreting male hormones, which leads to increased energy.

In particular, lower body muscle training (such as squats) trains the PC muscles essential for an erection and contributes to the ease of getting up in the morning.

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