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The Best (and Worst) Hair Bangs for Round Face Shapes


If you’re anything like me, bangs are one of our favorite hairstyles. Hair bangs offer a wide array of styling options, and there is a bang style to suit everyone. Finding the right bangs hairstyle for you can be difficult, but doing so can help you accentuate your special features such as your cheekbones and collarbone. It all comes down to your face shape when it comes to determining the best bangs hairstyle. 

The ultimate goal with bangs is to find a style that makes you appear more oval, but it can be daunting to find one, especially if you’ve a round face. The best part of Hair bangs for a round face is that they can either hide or show it. Here are some amazing haircuts with bangs for a round face that you can copy:

1. Textured Bangs for Round Face 

Make these textured bangs your wash-and-go hairstyle to counter the roundness of your face. To make it on your own, wear choppy bangs that fall an inch above the brows. Because it hits well above the eye area, the texture softens the roundness of the face and lengthens rather than widens it. To create the illusion of height, toss the bangs to one side. 

2. Long Side Bangs 

Face framing long side bangs 

As you can see, this look features stylish long side bangs that look great when paired with the choppy layers. Long hair with bangs will benefit the most from this look because it will help hide round faces and elongate them—Amp up the look with a dark rooted beige blonde shade that flatters your face shape and tresses.

3. Side Swept Bangs 

Side sweep your bangs to frame face 

Side swept bangs are a dramatic way to show off your forehead. The long hair bangs begin at the lash line and fall diagonally down to just below the cheekbones. The image above shows how a strong diagonal line can dramatically lengthen a round face.

4. Wispy Side Bangs 

Steal this amazing look for round face 

Make this effortless look with elegantly cut wispy side bangs. This look is also flattering on short hair with bangs. Short hair with wispy bangs adds structure to the face. Embrace your features with this look that makes a round face even rounder. Furthermore, they add even more softness to the look. 

5. Curtain Bangs 

Curtain bangs with layered hair for volume 

You may not have considered curtain bangs for round faces, but long curtain bangs flatter every woman. These bangs look great on various face shapes; consider parting slightly off-center to create a slight diagonal elongation for round faces. Allowing your hair to fall with soft volume creates the illusion of slimming, finishing just above the jawline.

6. Long Shag With Feathered Bangs 

Shags with bangs are becoming a huge today 

This shag stands out from the crowd thanks to tons of volume on top and thicker bangs. Thin out the ends to avoid it looking like a bowl cut. Just keep in mind that it is one of the more high-maintenance shag due to the amount of styling required. Ask for a razor cut if you want a shaggy look like this.

7. Straight Bangs For Round Faces

Get this straight bangs across look for elegance  

To achieve this timeless and classic look, opt for mid-length hair. This look emphasizes the best features of your face, such as your jawline and cheekbones, making it ideal for round faces like yours. The style looks great on fine, straight hair and is versatile when it comes to color experimenting.

8. Long Hair With Full Bangs 

Pair your long hair with bangs

This look is one of our favorites when it comes to making round faces more oval and elongated. Long hair with bangs is a trendy and convenient choice. Pairing bangs with long hair makes it more manageable and eliminates the discomfort of longer strands falling into your face from time to time. Get some straight-cut or layered bangs if you want to wear your long hair without a single pin.

9. High And Off The Face Bangs 

Women with short hair can get the most out of this look 

Is your short hair restricting you from getting bangs? You don’t need to worry because this bang hairstyle is perfect for you. The new bangs hairstyle is complemented by off-the-face and sky-high bangs.  Anything that adds height will make your face appear longer, so a short haircut on a round face is a great way to style it.

10. Neck Length Bob With Thick Bangs 

Draw attentions to your cute facial features 

With this hairstyle, you can embrace your natural waves and hair texture. This style is ideal for women with round faces because it exudes an edgy vibe. This look will benefit you the most if you have natural volume. With this amazing hairstyle, you can draw attention to your cheekbones.

Now that we’ve covered the best bangs haircuts for round faces, let’s look at some of the worst bangs hairstyles for round faces that you should avoid:

1. Rounded Bangs 

Rounded bangs will only make your face rounder 

As the name suggests, rounded bangs emphasize the roundness of your face, which is not what we want. The fact that the bangs are straight across – there are no longer tresses to soften the round shape. However, if the bangs were cut straight across with longer sections on the sides, they would look much better.

2. Bangs On A Small Forehead


You don’t want to cover up most of your face if you have a small forehead, to begin with. Avoid keeping your bangs longer because they can be an irritant on your face, making long straight bangs unsuitable for any woman. Consider long curtain bangs or side-swept long bangs instead of this look. 

3. Bangs Without Shape 

Bangs without shape can turn out awful 

You may end up looking awful with unpleasant results if you don’t plan ahead of time for bangs. You’re not doing bangs justice if they don’t have a defined shape. If your hair is short, get defined bangs with a proper shape, or they will fall on your face and lead to discomfort.

There you have it. Did any of these round-faced bangs appeal to you? There are a million and one ways to style bangs, but getting the right haircut for you all starts with your face shape. Bangs are also great for featuring your facial structure.

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