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Pregnancy Tips for Older Women


Many busy women like celebrities and businesswomen are waiting until they are old to start a family to take the benefits of postponing motherhood though it has some health risks for the women as age increases. The health risks for the women conceiving after their thirty-five include miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, placental abruption, preeclampsia, early labor, and requirement of cesarean. Women becoming pregnant in their fifteen is not a rare case, but this incurs certain health risks and is possible only at a price that most people have not enough money to pay for. Every woman regardless of young or old faces the above difficulties more or less. The difficulties during pregnancy are unique to each woman. Knowing the ways to cope with the difficulties during pregnancy that might arise for old women will help greatly to enjoy a delighted pregnancy. Here are the main 4 pregnancy tips for older women.

Consult with Your Doctor Before You Get Pregnant

If you are older than thirty-five, consult with your doctor or midwife before you decide to get pregnant. Your doctor will check you up, and assess your health and evaluate the condition of your health. She will then advise you to bring some necessary changes to your lifestyle to make sure of your expected health condition.

Visit Your Doctor at the Early Stages of Your Pregnancy

As soon as you understand that you are pregnant, go to see your doctor or midwife. The early stages of pregnancy in older are very important, and you should visit your doctor very frequently during these periods. Your doctor will assess your medical status, and give you the necessary information, and guide you, and discuss with you the health management plans and available options for you to cope with your pregnancy in old age.

Take Folic Acids and Prenatal Vitamins

Generally, all pregnant women should take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid as their prenatal vitamins, but the old women should only take the recommended doses by their doctors or midwives. If the old woman starts taking folic acids and prenatal vitamins before they are pregnant and during the first trimester and the early stages of their pregnancy, it will help them a lot to prevent birth defects. Whether you are planning for surrogate pregnancy including mamma surrogata you might follow the same guidelines.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

When you are going to be pregnant at your older age in order to start a family, maintain a healthy lifestyle. Discipline in a balanced diet, proper rest, and taking physical exercise are obligatory during pregnancy. You can walk, do yoga, swim, and take moderate workouts at home or in the gym for about half an hour to forty-five minutes every day. Stay hydrated throughout the day through drinking adequate water and liquids but drink less at night in order to avoid disturbance in sleep. As you are conceiving at an older age, you are probably in the habit of smoking or drinking alcohol. But pregnancy at any age requires that the pregnant must quit smoking, taking drugs, or drinking alcohol completely much before and during her pregnancy. Also, avoid over-the-counter medications and herbal medicines during your pregnancy.

The above main 4 pregnancy tips for older women have been covered almost every core of advice that you should follow. You have no need to consider pregnancy negatively only because you are an old woman. As you have already passed three and half decades in your life without the decision of conceiving, that does not mean that you cannot decide to conceive. Your decision to conceive will have a lasting effect on your baby. And if you conceive, you will make a change in the life of you and your spouse that will be so exciting and nurturing.

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