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Places To Explore By Getting Flight Tickets To India From USA


Places To Explore with Flight Tickets To India From USA – There is no shortage of things you can do in India. From going on the tiring treks to sitting on the beach, there’s something for everyone. You can go explore the rich historical cities and experience the cultures. Plan a visit during the festive time and see the pomp and show of the major festivals. You can book a trip here easily and explore the vast land. India sees a lot of foreign tourists every year. Be it for the pilgrimage sites or nature, many have put India on top of their travel list.

You need to visit India once and see it for yourself. There is a reason why many love this place and make it their home. There is much to explore, and even after that, you won’t fully see everything. It is because of the hidden spots and offbeat locations here. If you are a nature lover, the plethora of hill stations should be your spot. You like history, go to the central cities and read up. If architecture is your taste, there are many intricate temples here built a thousand years earlier. You would never be bored in a country like this. There is always something more to experience and see here. Book the Non stop flights from USA to India now and explore.

Here are some places you need to have on the plan:


Many think they won’t have parties and nightlife to experience in India. They are sheerly wrong. Goa is the top spot for ti. You can find a happening nightlife filled with all kinds of parties. Also, the natural beauty is unmatched. You can sit by and relax on the many beautiful beaches here.

The Old Goa offers more. You can visit it and explore the history. It was a Portuguese colony, and you can still find traces of it. The cuisine, restaurants, building, and quarters have a touch of them. Try out the famous Goan cuisine and the fresh seafood too.


The capital is another top spot to put on the plan. It was the center of all the major rulers of India. You can find the history and locations of Delhi and read up about them. Also, the street food in Delhi is a must. You cannot miss out on them. Go to Delhi and if you have a local friend, grab them. Visit the street food spots and try out everything. It will be a delight and something you should not miss out on.


If you love mountains, snow, and trekking, Manali is the place. You can take off a few days and spend it here in peace. It is a great option to skip the city crowds and explore nature. Visit the scenic spots, and you can even see the snow in the winter season.

You can take a detour and visit Kasol too. It will be a short drive, but you can visit more places and explore the beauty of India.

Jaipur, Jodhpur

These two Rajasthan cities are top tourist spots in India. You can experience the luxury of the palaces and the forts here. There are many traces of past rulers and living in Rajasthan. Here, you need also to try out the Rajasthani dishes. It will help you get an authentic feel of the culture and enjoy it.


It is a gem of South India. Offering excellent cuisine and unmatched views, Kerala should be on your list. It will allow you to go through South India and experience their culture. The people are friendly and welcoming, and you can even make some friends. Go to the famous tourist spots and begin your vacation.

Book back your Direct flights from Delhi to USA only when you have visited all of these spots. They’ll offer a great holiday away from the monotonous routine.


Last on this list is Amritsar, which is a major city located in the North of India. Amritsar is situated in the state of Punjab, and it is home to the Golden Temple. The Golden temple is an important place of worship for Sikhs. This beautiful place is a treat for your eyes and soul. However, if you think that you need to be religious to visit this place, then you are wrong. Golden temple is a fantastic tourist spot regardless of whom you worship. As Amritsar also has a very rich history, visiting this city will allow you to learn a lot about India. 

These cities are some of the most beautiful in the whole country. When you choose to travel to any one of these places, you choose to experience everything this exotic destination has to offer. Everything from the people to the scenery, to the food, and the languages people speak in these cities will blow your mind and make you fall in love with the stunner that is India.

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