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Normal birth weight


Today, we talk about normal birth weight.

Is my baby weight normal?

Does your baby weigh less than 2500 grams? If yes, you are at a low birth weight, but don’t be afraid! 1 in 10 mothers in the world give birth at low birth weight.

Low birth weight is examined in two groups.

  1. Preterm birth :If your baby was born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, you are in this group. Babies born before 37th pregnancy week make up 60% of this group.
  2. Growth retardation: Even if your baby is born on his/her day, he/she may have low birth weight. The slowdown or regression in the mother’s womb can cause this. These reasons can occur for many reasons. Let’s take a look.

Environmental factors
Severe anemia
Chromosomal abnormalities
Twins or other multiple pregnancies

Growth delay is also investigated symmetrically and asymmetrically in two groups.

Symmetrical growth retardation is proportional to the baby’s head and other parts of the body; this finding indicates slow growth during pregnancy.

Causes of symmetrical growth retardation include early intrauterine infection, chromosomal abnormalities, and use of maternal substances.

With asymmetric growth retardation, the baby’s development is normal in the first six months, and development begins to stop in the third month due to preeclampsia (disease caused by high blood pressure in the mother, protein secretion in the urine).

These babies are characterized by a weak appearance, large heads, but small sizes, dry skin and thin umbilical cord.

Big Baby

If your baby was born over 4000 grams, this is above the normal birth weight.

Big babies are usually polyhydroamnios (increased amniotic fluid), gestational diabetes mellitus (gestational diabetes) or pre-existing diabetes, posttherm pregnancy (sunshine,> 40 weeks), mother’s excessive weight gain, baby’s gender (male babies are born heavier than girls) It is associated with genetic factors (overweight mothers or tall, large parents).

What should I do for my baby to be born at normal weight ?

The development of children can be followed from the womb. Therefore, it is extremely important to have regular check-ups. A healthy diet is the first step to be taken. Also, take care to take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily. If you smoke, quit. If you use alcohol, quit. Stop using any medications you use during pregnancy. Check your weight gain, try not to gain weight fast.

If you have any questions about normal birth weight, you can ask a question.

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