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Newborn Photography


Newborn Photography – 4 Tips on How To Take Baby Photos

Few photographs are more precious to parents than those of their newborn photography. They will remember these photos when they and their children recall the first years of their lives. However, capturing these moments is not easy. Newborns, unlike toddlers and other ‘older’ children, are not easy to train. If parents hire you to take photos of their new addition.

Popular Styles of Newborn Photography | Posed & Candid Baby Photos

A final tip for getting your baby to sleep: ask your baby’s parents if they use music or toys, such as a mobile phone, to help speed him or her to sleep. If you do everything possible to recreate a natural sleep environment for your baby, it will be easier to fall asleep.

What is the best time to photograph newborns? When they are sleeping, which is the main thing they do in their early years. When parents ask for your services, ask them for a rough estimate of when their baby will fall asleep. They don’t need to know the exact time, but a good estimate will help in arranging the photo shoot. Inform the parents that you will be taking sleep photos at these times.

Photographing them while they are asleep

Another way to make sure your baby stays asleep is to shoot in a warm environment. If you are shooting in a studio, get him or her warmed up an hour or so before the scheduled shoot time and have a spare bottle warmer ready in case your baby is still too cold, as he or she will most likely be naked.

Here are Some tips to Remember For Newborn Photography

Wait 10-12 days
It’s great to have your babies photoshoot right after birth, but it won’t work in a professional setting. Parents are advised to wait until their son or daughter is 10-12 days old, as babies are less stressed and more likely to remain calm during the photo session.

Keeping to their schedule
Newborn Photography have their own schedule and when they are hungry they will call it. Don’t try to disturb parents and babies when they need time to rest. If they need a break to change or feed their little one, let them rest. You’ll avoid a fussy baby and you’ll avoid parents getting angry at a fussy baby. However, taking a few photos at these moments can make for good pictures.

However, to avoid distractions, encourage parents to feed their baby before taking the photos. Not only will this please the baby, it will also help them to sleep soundly, happily and without crying.

Posing with them
As your subject will be sleeping most of the time, it is important that you pose for them. Make sure your hands are warm when placing your baby in the ideal position. Do not pose in a way that might wake them up or remind them of being moved.

Always be prepared

Always be prepared

In a child’s world, almost everything that happens can be considered a ‘first’. Your child’s first time home, their first laugh, their first bath – the list is long. One of the best ways to capture these priceless moments is to always have a camera at the ready. Have spare batteries and as much film in the house as you can stand. You never know when something big is going to happen, so it always pays to be prepared.

Use the right type of light

A bright, direct flash is not flattering to anyone, including newborns. If possible, always look for indirect or natural light when Newborn Photography. Soft light many times produces soft shadows and can often hide most of a baby’s minor imperfections. If you really care about the appearance of your newborn, you can always use digital techniques to eliminate tiny imperfections.

Don’t forget to put your camera away

You may be so focused on photographing your newborn that you may miss the experience of the moment. Remember to focus on having fun with your baby and be happy to put the camera down and focus on him. It really doesn’t matter if you miss a few shots here and there, because the time spent with your baby is more important than any photo. And, if you act quickly, you can often capture the unpredictable moments and get great photos.

Showing the relationship

Newborns are of course important members of the family, but you will find that taking photos of your baby alone can quickly become tedious. Don’t forget the interaction of other family members with your newborn. Not only will this document your baby’s first encounters with the important people in his or her life, but it will also make your baby very happy to be seen as important by everyone (and laughing at everyone’s ridiculous haircuts is a bonus). One thing you can do is try to take photos of all the family members holding your baby at different events so that you have a variety of photos to share.

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    Wonderful article related taking pictures of new born baby, thanks Author.

  2. Sudeep Saxena says

    Wonderful article related taking pictures of new born baby, thanks Author.

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