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Morning Desert Safari – Opportunities For Travel Enthusiasts


Plan your vacations in Dubai keeping its golden desert atop. This place requires a separate time for its praise. Visiting desert safari Dubai in the morning exposes you to the purity and stillness of this natural landscape. Thereby, you have a chance to discover nature in its raw form. This will not only leave you in awe but also generate a newer and better self in you. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into the blissful happenings of a morning desert safari Dubai.

A Morning Tour to the Dunes -What to Expect? 

  1. Lock Your Gaze to the Rising Sun

The best thing about a morning desert safari is that you can witness it as sterile and pure as a newborn! And this could only be achieved under the luminescence of the rising sun. The magic of sunrise takes over the whole barren and leaves you astonished. Watch the transitioning hues of the dunes with the sky’s undressing from dark to radiant light.

2.            Wander over Camel’s Back

Soak up in the cold breeze of a scenic morning at desert safari from over the camel’s hump. Camels are the heritage animals of the Emirates which compliment your nomadic vibes. A camel safari takes you to the veiled boundaries of the barren. Thereby, you can take a tour to the vintage lifestyle of old Bedouins.

3.            Meet the Thrill 

15 to 30 minutes of dune bashing in a land cruiser or hummer is a chilling adventure. Experience a real thrill on the crests and troughs of the sand ocean sitting in an SUV. Take a set of instructions and grab a quad bike. A morning venture at the terrain of Dubai is hugely defined by such adventurous activities in Dubai. The golden dunes are yet to be discovered until you balance your feet on a sandboard. Spread chuckles in the air while practicing your balance on a sandboard and enjoy your venture among the dunes of Arabia.

4.            Customs of Arabia

Take inspiring insights into Bedouin culture and norms. There are various cultural activities going on at the campsites through which you can learn about the Arabian heritage. These include henna tattooing, traditional Arabian dressing, and listening to the folklore by Bedouin guides. This is how the hosts of desert safari keep their precious heritage alive in the hearts of their visitors.

5.            Explore and Click

Not at any cost, forget your camera home! Every spot of the golden bathed terrain of Dubai showcases itself to capture it. You can click the mesmerizing sunrise with the background of hot air balloons in the sky. Click the running oryx and hopping gazelles. And pose with the falcons in folk Arabian dresses. There’s a great opportunity for photographers, bloggers, and photoholics to cover this place from a wide perspective.


The serene views of the sunrise in a morning desert safari are alluring to all travel enthusiasts. People who love to capture uniqueness would love to visit the magical dune of Dubai. Because here, every event is full of amusement. Exploring the awe-inspiring Bedouin culture at an awakening natural asset is what the travelers aspire to.


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