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Kajal For Health & Beauty


Kajal is a well-known cosmetic product that is used for the eyes. It is, in fact, the first and foremost cosmetic product that majority of the women add to their makeup box to add beauty to their beautiful pair of eyes. Kajal has been used for more than 5000 years now. Ayurvedic to Ayuvedic doctor in Australia, It was utilised for both medicinal as well as beauty advantages. Earlier, it was produced at home from vegetable oil, camphor and ghee. However, with time, kajal was made commercially. Kajal is also made from a lot of chemicals as well as natural products. Elements like lead are highly utilised in the production of kajal and, therefore, are known to be very harmful to the human eye.

It not only damages the eye muscles but also affects your eyesight. Hence, it is recommended to utilise only the Ayurvedic kajal Or organic kajal.

Organic Kajal is a pure kajal as it is produced from organic and natural products. The same thing goes for the Ayurvedic kajal as well. Ayurvedic kajal is made by using ghee, pure castor oil, camphor and bronze utensils. It can also be produced with the help of almonds. In both these cases, kajal is obtained purely in nature and has many beneficial effects on the individual’s eyes.

Ayurvedic Kajal has certain elements that are therapeutic as well as super advantageous for the eyes. The utilisation of organic kajal moots the eyes and keeps them well hydrated. The use of Ayurvedic kajal also prevents eye infections and freshens them. Ayurvedic kajal enhances the eye’s brightness and shine and keeps the muscles of the eyes firm. This kajal also assists in evacuating the tear fluid rapidly as compared to the commercial kajal. Kajal also has astringent properties, which makes the red vessels in the eyes vanish to remain white.

Benefits Of Kajal For Health & Beauty

  • Ayurvedic doctor says, Ayurvedic kajal, which is made from castor oil, is very healthy for the human eye. Castor oil, present in it, is the purest and the richest form of vitamin E. It also assists in healing the eyes and making the eyelashes blacker and thicker. One of the significant benefits of kajal in terms of beauty and health is that it relieves the eyes from stress. Kajal also helps to prevent tiredness and keeps the eyes healthy.
  • Copper, used in producing organic kajal, is renowned for its purifying and healing properties. After the Ayurvedic consultation, Copper also helps in keeping the eyes free from makeup and other external infections. It also strengthens and relaxes the eye lens and the eye muscles. It also improves eyesight.
  • Silver and bronze are utilised in making ayurvedic kajal and are known for their regenerating properties that they hold. They also heal any allergies present in the eye. These elements work together to calm the swollen and irritated swollen blood vessels due to over rubbing of the eyes and help improve the functioning of the eyes.

Wrapping Up

In case you buy the ayurvedic kajal from online or offline stores, make sure to check the ingredients it possesses.

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