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Ideas For Creative Geometric Tile That Bring Excitement To Your Home


Patterns and designs undoubtedly bring excitement to a place and who doesn’t want excitement in their homes? Geometric design tiles are more appealing and attractive as compared to simple and plain tiles. Moreover, geometric tiles will bring excitement as well as offer a modern appearance to your home. We have a huge list of creative ideas for the best and perfect results of your home renovation in Dubai.

Creative geometric tile ideas for your home

Here are some creative geometric tile ideas that will bring excitement to your home,

Play with octagons

There are many ways to use octagon tiles to design your home, play around with octagons because they can be used anywhere including the floor, bathrooms, and kitchen walls.

Use a variety of colors if you are using octagons and use these different colored octagon tiles in creating interesting patterns and designs.

For example, take black with 2 shades of grey (dark & light) and white color tiles for the bathroom walls. Use black color on the lowermost area, now use the dark. And then light shade of grey and use white tiles at the top of the walls. This will give an amazing illusion of black color fading away and turning into white. And the black tiles on the bottom will also save the wall from bad stains.

Use creativity with squares

Squares can also look chic if you want, instead of just simply putting square tiles, be creative with the squares and make interesting designs with them.

Use different sizes and colors of square tiles to create innovative designs and patterns on the walls and floor of your home. Use your creativity to make an unusual and outstanding design with geometry.

Make good use of triangles

Use tringle tiles in the living room, kitchen, or bathrooms of your home, and be creative while using triangles. Because a little creativity can make anything even better. Take 2 to 3 different colors of triangle tiles and make creative patterns out of them for example a windmill pattern. Don’t hesitate to use bright and bold colors in the kitchen and living room because bright colors will make them more exciting and inspiring.

Victorian design pathways

Victorian designs can effortlessly bring life to any place. So why not use them for the pathways and corridor of your home? Geometric shapes with Victorian design will be the ultimate best combo for your home without a doubt. For example, a Victorian cube mosaic design. Make sure the mosaic and borders of the Victorian design are of different and bright colors. Because that will increase the charm of the pathway and corridor of your home.

Geometric 3D designs

Geometric shape tiles can easily make a 3D design, it just needs the right eyes. Create illusionary 3D designs with the help of octagon and triangle-shaped tiles. The tiles must be of different and contrasting colors so they easily can deliver a 3D look. Or instead of creating a 3D appearance simply use the octagon and triangle tiles already having 3D design or pattern like a mosaic cubical pattern. Use this 3D geometric tile design idea to give a chic and classy look to your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room.

Terrazzo Garda encaustic tiling

Terrazzo garda encaustic tile is one of the most popular designs especially in floor tiling and it looks very engaging as well as classy. Use terrazzo garda encaustic-geometric design tiles on the floor of your home and give an exceptional look to the whole house. Use terrazzo garda geometric patterns wherever you want in your home to give a simple yet exciting look to it.


Use geometric tiles in your home renovation Dubai to create an exciting environment because interesting. And exciting places can lift anyone’s mood in no time. Design the walls and floor by using any of these above-mentioned creative geometric tile ideas. And bring excitement to your home without a hitch. And if you have any other ideas for using geometric tiles in your home then bring your creative idea to life with the help of Exotic Interior Studio.

Author :

Alice Brianna is a full-time freelance writer who frequently writes about science, travel, outdoor adventure, Interior. If you are looking for a vendor for Home renovation for your product do not worry, as Exotic Interior Studio will provide you the best Interior services at extremely affordable rates.

Exotic Interiors Studio Dubai is a leading design studio company offering modern trends for theme-based business or residential places. From design to the final finishing, the company has got your back throughout the process.

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