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How to use G suite Services For our business


G Suite is becoming essential part of businesses. It is quite popular to make business operation at ease.

If you own a G Suite now it’s time to get it up and run it for your business purposes. This will make your employees feel relaxed as they can avail the latest technology.

In this article learn how to use G Suite to perform your business task with ease, setting up team collaboration, connecting customers and helping your business to grow technically.

Here we will know what G Suite, Who uses G Suite is and how you can use G Suite to increase business growth.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a cloud computing platform with collaboration tools and products launched by Google in the year 2006 and it rebranded as G Suite in 2016.

G Suite is a collection of tools such as G mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Forms, Keep and Hangouts.

Who uses G SUITE?

There are no restrictions among anybody. Anyone can use G Suite whether they own a business and wants to use it for business purpose or any individual who want to use it for personal.

G Suite services are generally free you only need to pay for the premium features like custom business email domain, cloud storage, administrative tools and support.

How to use G suite Services For our business

After knowing what G Suite is and who uses it here, we come how to use its services for your business growth: –

Creating Templates with Drive

Branding is important. A brand should have an attractive logo design which is generally costly.

Stay on brand with Google G Suite and make use of Google Docs, Sheet, Slides and Forms with attractive templates.

You can create on brand designs and save them securely within your Google drive. Tell your employees to make use of these templates too.

Feedbacks with Forms

Feedbacks are the essential elements for the business. Whether they are customer feedback’s or employee feedback’s they play an important role in making the corrections in the existing things.

 A growing business takes regular feedback’s especially from the customers to correct the loopholes and grow at a high speed.

Google Forms collects the data of your customers by asking short questions. You can use Google forms to collect customer feedbacks and market surveys.

 You can also use it for internal strategy formation and employee feedbacks.

Collaboration made easy with Calendar

Successful Team Collaboration among employees builds a business to a great extent. In case your business has remote employees its bit difficult to manage them that we can do easily in office. Staying in connection is important.

Google Calendar keeps the remote persons up to date about ongoing working operations in the business.

You can set deadlines for your employees and assign task you them not only this you can plan any type of event by setting up the calendar. Employees can check and participate in various events and seminars by using calendar.

Task Management with Keep

It is bit difficult to manage remote employees. By the help of Google Keep you can easily manage employees and assign task to them. Keep is a note taking application where you can note down essential things and save important images while working.  

You can use keep for collaborating and managing your tasks and assignments. Create a checklist and mark them as soon as they are complete you can link other important people who can see what is still pending.

It is an effective tool for market research as it you can save articles and note your own thoughts into it.

Know how frequent your Employees are using G Suite with Report Panel

G suite is used by various employees at different and same time of intervals. By using Report panel on admin console, you can look after how frequent your employees are using G Suite services.

 You can aware your employees to use the tools and application of G Suite so that they can have more work flexibility.

This feature also works as an early warning threat system and updates admin about who are the employees who need to install updates and on what devices they have log in accounts.

This helps in keeping your business data safe and secure.

Conduct virtual meeting

Goggle meet makes all your video conferencing and meeting more effective. An interaction tool meet can get in connect with calendar and employees or meeting attenders can join the meeting directly from calendar and via mail invitation link too.  

Security Management

G Suite administrative tools come with many additional security features. It uses two-step verification which provides extra level of security to the users.

It also uses the method of authentication by sending verification code.  This ensures that no unauthorized user can access the account without your permission. On contrary we are all aware of cyber-crimes and phishing is one of the most common cyber-attacks. Phishing mostly attack via emails which includes malicious link inside it. As soon as a person clicks on the link they are harm by phishing attack.

G Suite can be used as early warning threat it provides “early phishing detection features” which provides an extra layer of security.

Machine learning is used by G Suite to detect potential threats. It will give you a warning to move the mail to the spam folder. You can control all the security operation by admin console.


In Conclusion, G suite is the best affordable business solution when it comes to cloud computing and collaboration tool.

 Above all, it is easy to use as everyone has once used G mail and its products which require less time in training and making people learn about this Google product.

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