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How to select an IVF center in Jaipur?


Infertility issues have been on rise since a few years in our country, as shown by the data of the researchers.  In India almost 10-15 % of the couples suffer from infertility, whereas in the U.S.A almost 30% of the couples suffer from infertility. A lot of couples are actively seeking advice and treatments from doctors. The rate is higher in urban couples than in rural populations in India. Out of every six couples in India, one suffers from infertility in urban areas of India. It has been a common and rising issue of the country because of various reasons which may depend from individual to individual. Tough lifestyle issues have been one of the most common issues for people seeking medical advice,  rise in stress, alcohol consumption, poor nutrition, smoking etc. are some of the factors causing infertility issues.


A major question a lot of people are confused about is that is infertility curable? And which is the IVF center In jaipur they can trust to discuss their infertility issues? Addressing both the questions Dr. Namita Kotia,the recommended IVF specialist in Jaipur  answers that “ infertility is definitely curable if the cause is known in time and it’s a myth that people need to understand that infertility is not curable”, and the most trusted IVF center with all the advanced facilities and treatments is Aastha Fertility care which is also the best IVF center of Jaipur.

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a hospital for IVF-

  1. IVF Success rate and IVF results-

The main factor people see while choosing a IVF clinic for their treatments is what the IVF success rate of the hospital is. To be very frank, nobody wants to spend money, time and energy over the treatments which are not providing them with desired results. Hence, Aastha Fertility center is a trusted brand which brings one with 90% of desired results. The hospital is known for providing highly satisfying and desirable results with cost effective procedures like IVF.

b) Customized Packages(IVF Cost) –

The second factor includes that all services are the hospital providing their patients, and are the treatments affordable. In a country like India where we have a lot of people who are unable to spend too much on medical treatments, is it affordable for them? What are the clubbed packages the hospital provides their patients? Aastha fertility center gets you all the treatments at a very affordable price and even provides you with an option to customize the packages in accordance to the treatment a patient is going through. This special feature makes them stand out from other IVF centers in Jaipur. The cost of IVF procedure per cycle in Aastha fertility center IVF cost lies around 80,000 INR.

c) Support services(24/7 service,  hygienes, Hi tech labs) –

A patient seeks mental and emotional support from the hospital so they can trust the hospital and procedure and are comfortable going through it. It’s very important for a patient to get a comfortable and friendly environment that they are trusting, Aastha fertility center is known for the emotional, caring and nurturing environment they provide their patients during their IVF treatments. 

d) Services offered(IUI, ICSI, Hysteroscopy and more)-

The IVF clinic which has all the services provided under a single roof is the most desirable hospital for a patient. And Aastha fertility care does exactly the same; the IVF hospital has all the latest medications and treatments under a single roof for treating infertility. The hospital takes care of treating both male and female infertility and has various procedures such as IVF, IUI, sperm conservation, embryo conservation, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy all under a single roof.

Why choose IVF over other treatments-

In vitro fertilization is a procedure which works even when all the procedures fail to work and help you conceive successfully. The procedure is idle for all the ages and can be used repetitively until a woman is able to conceive naturally. The procedure is simpler, much more effective and affordable. IVF is the perfect solution for helping a woman conceive, who has blocked or damaged fallopian tubes.


In this procedure an idle environment outside the female’s body is created generally in a laboratory where the egg is fertilized with the sperm. The fertilized egg is then kept under observation for a few weeks and when the embryo starts dividing itself well, the embryo is transplanted back to the woman’s womb. Only if the embryo is attached well to the inner lining of the uterus, only then a woman is successfully pregnant.  The confirmation of successful pregnancy or conception is given by a blood test, which is done after a week of the IVF procedure.

Why choose Aastha Fertility Center-?

TheIVF center in Jaipur  came into being in 2005, in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Since then the clinic  has been working hard and have set up their name as the best IVF center in Jaipur city. They have been known for the emotional and physical support they provide their patients throughout the process. They value each and every patient with utmost amount of respect and trust. The hospital cares, nurtures and treats their patients with utmost integrity, transparency and care. The highly experienced team of doctors and staff work day and night to bring joys to the couples seeking parenthood. Patients from all over the country and world have been taking counseling from Aastha fertility care for their infertility issues.

“Jincy, a patient from Jaipur is extremely grateful, happy and thankful to Dr. Namita Kotia and her team as she was able to conceive in the first attempt of IVF. She has been blessed with a baby with the help of Aastha Fertility care. “

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The hospital has been recognized by various influential people at various public conferences, medical counsels for their extraordinary work in treating infertility. One can book an online session with Aastha fertility care and can get guidance and solutions from the highly experienced team of doctors about their infertility issues. To have more information about the hospital and the different services they provide in treating infertility one can check out their official website and book their appointments today with the best IVF center of Jaipur.

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