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How to get erectile dysfunction


Everything to know about erectile dysfunction 

The inability to keep firm erectile function during sexual intercourse and this issue is erectile dysfunction. Other terms about erectile dysfunction are impotence. However, this term is not commonly used. 

The doctor will prescribe you some medications that include Sildenafil, Fildena 100 At Generic Villa. Additionally, these medicines are useful for stimulating the blood flow in your penis.

What causes erection in males?

ED occurs due to the problems that happen in the process of erection. Erection occurs when the increase in the blood flows in the penis. Due to the sexual thoughts then blood flow comes into the penis of the males. Penis muscles relax when a male gets sexually excited. In this time, the blood flows in the two chambers of the penis. Then, the penis becomes rigid with the blood flow. The penis muscle relaxes when the blood flows in the veins inside the body. 

What are the causes behind the erection dysfunction?

There are multiple causes behind erection dysfunction. However, it happens due to physical and emotional conditions. Therefore, the common causes that have associated with erection dysfunction are:

  • Diabetes 
  • Cardiovascular Disease 
  • High Blood Pressure or Hypertension 
  • Obesity 
  • High Cholesterol 
  • Imbalance in hormones or low testosterone levels 
  • Increase age 
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Issues in Relationships
  • Consuming alcohol 
  • Taking tobacco products 
  • Suffering from health conditions Parkinson diseases 
  • Due to injury in the pelvic area 
  • Kidney problems 

Symptoms of Erection Dysfunction 

You may be suffering from the erection dysfunction problem. Then, the symptoms behind it are:

  • Trouble in maintaining an erection during the sexual intercourse time 
  • Issues to get an erection
  • Lack of interest in sex 

There are other sexual disorders associated with ED include:

  • Anorgasmia
  • Premature and delayed ejaculation 

Still, you observe these symptoms in you. Then, you should consult your doctor immediately and start with the treatment. These symptoms related to erection dysfunction lasts in your body for three months or more.   

Tests to detect erection dysfunction

There are varieties of steps to detect erection dysfunction in males. The doctors do the physical examination and then ask the patient about their sexual history and health. After that, they do a series of additional tests to determine the cause. 

  • Physical Examination of Patient

The symptoms that you observe in your body related to erection dysfunction. You should visit the doctor immediately. Initially, the doctor does a physical examination of your body to check your heart, lungs, and blood pressure. Then, the doctor does the check of your penis and testicles. To check your prostate, they will ask you to do a rectal examination too. 

  • Ask regarding your psychological history 

During your visit to the doctors’ clinic, he will ask you to fill a questionnaire. You have to mention in it things associated with a sexual history, health history, and symptoms. Then, these responses are useful to check the severity of your ED problem. 

A list of questions you need to answer to the questionnaire includes:

  • How long are you suffering from the ED?
  • Do you have problems ejaculating, reaching orgasm, or lack of feeling of sexual desire?
  • How frequently do you perform sexual intercourse?
  • Do you wake in the night and morning due to erection?
  • How firm your erections happen?
  • How your relationship is with your partner? 
  • What things are you expecting from your partner in your relationship?
  • Have you faced stressful things recently?
  • Do you have suffered from an injury in your pelvic area?

There is the list of additional tests that the doctor performs to detect erection dysfunction in your body are:

  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Ultrasound 
  • Injection Test 
  • Nocturnal Penile Tumescence (NPT) test

Process of treatment to cure erection dysfunction 

The doctors start the erection dysfunction treatment based on the cause and the symptoms. They use a combination of treatments that include talk therapy and medication. 

Medicines to take during erection dysfunction treatment 

 You should share your medical history with your doctor. Earlier, you took medicines during the treatment that caused the erection dysfunction issue. 

Apart from taking medicines timely, talk therapy is beneficial for people who struggle with the trauma issue. You are experiencing psychological issues while suffering from erection dysfunction.

 You should visit a relationship counselor and discuss things with them. Then, you will get the solutions to your all problems from there. 

Treatment Using the Vacuum Pump 

 To stimulate the penis erection, the vacuum pump treatment is useful. Using this device, the blood has taken out from the penis. The list of components that have used in this vacuum pump includes:

  • A plastic tube has attached that placed over your penis. 
  • A pump is used in this process to draw out the air using the plastic tube. 
  • An elastic ring is helpful in this treatment to bring back your penis to the correct position. 

Take these food items to reduce erection dysfunction risk 

Commonly, erection dysfunction is connected with blood flow. To reduce the ED risk in you, then you should keep your blood vessels healthy. Therefore, you have to make some important changes in your lifestyle. Initially, start eating a balanced diet regularly. 

  • You have to focus on eating the food items that include fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 
  • Cut down consuming the things that include processed sugar items, red meat, and full-fat dairy stuff. 
  • Moderate the consumption of alcohol. 

Several nutritious food items include cocoa and watermelon. These kinds of food help cure the ED issues in your body. 


You need to worry when you have diagnosed with ED. Furthermore, you consult your doctor regarding the treatment. Visit the doctor for regular checkups during the treatment process. Keep a track to monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol levels of your body. The doctor will help you out with it. 

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