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How to Gear up for First Pregnancy?


The concept of a healthy society is based upon the number of families living in a group or a community, and families are made when women reproduce. Every couple wants to be blessed with a healthy and robust baby that provides meaning to their lives and contributes to accomplishing a better society. Ultimately, giving birth to a kid is about creating a solid bond between you and your spouse thus, providing a sense of meaning and belonging to your relationship.

One has to prepare their mind before getting pregnant as the outcome (baby’s physical and mental health) depends on the environment, health conditions, and emotions the woman experiences while having him in her womb. So the upcoming human not only feeds inside the mother’s womb for physical growth but his abilities, mental development, and future capabilities also develop the way a mother treats him before his birth.

Gain Sufficient Information:

While you have set up your mind to have a child, the first thing that women should do before Pregnancy is to visit a physician or any other healthcare provider to seek as much information regarding this entire procedure as you can absorb easily. This pregnancy education will be helpful for both you and your newborn baby. Collecting information and following the guidance of a healthcare provider before or in the early stages of your Pregnancy will lead you to learn more about your health needs and the health requirements of your developing baby.

Visiting a healthcare provider at the early stages will also lead you to learn about your family health background while sharing the health history. You can discuss your concerns and find the solution to the difficulties, health issues, and congenital disabilities that may arise due to inherited family conditions.

The healthcare provider will also guide you about all the necessary precautionary measures that you should take to avoid such genetic complications belonging to your parental family pregnancy history. Before becoming pregnant, discussing your health issues and your family health history will prepare you to gain appropriate body weight, create a suitable environment and workout techniques to improve mental and emotional health.

Stay Away from Alcoholic Beverages:

If you’re addicted to alcoholic beverages, your dream to reproduce will remain a dream only as these beverages adversely affect the fetus, causing miscarriage and, at times, reducing the ability to conceive a baby. An alcoholic cannot successfully conceive without any complications, and drinking habitually can create a high risk of disabilities, including facial and heart defects in the child.

Even a minimum usage of alcoholic beverages can harm a developing child. So when you decide to conceive, take proper medication and exercise regularly to maintain good health while staying away from alcohol. Make sure you take help from support group families of addicts to have rehab facilitation finally.

Stop Smoking and Taking Drugs:

Avoid the usage of toxic substances or chemicals because they might make your case more complicated. This is essential for both mothers and fathers to avoid smoking as it deteriorates the baby’s breathing ability.

Frequent smoking can also cause damage to the DNA of your baby. Folks addicted to other drugs might get exposed to harmful acids, including mercury, lead, asbestos, and many other potentially harmful substances which are completely unsafe for the child. Suppose you wouldn’t limit your smoking habits or intake of drugs. In that case, you might have a more challenging time getting pregnant and expect higher chances of having a child with different congenital disabilities like lower birth weight, disabilities, breathing difficulties, malfunctioning of organs, or even a miscarriage at premature stages might take place.

Improve your Lifestyle:

  • It would help if you simply boosted your lifestyle by improving your eating habits, limiting the intake of tea and coffee, and increasing the quantity of healthy food in your daily diet like red meat, chicken, eggs, milk, and butter, etc.
  • Exercise and walk regularly, take a bath and maintain proper hygiene.
  • Take supplements recommended by healthcare professionals to fulfil the requirements of vitamins and other deficiencies in your body.
  • Do not load yourself with a lot of work as overburden and stress will negatively impact your physical and mental health.
  • Take proper sleep by going to bed early at night.
  • Don’t skip your meals, especially breakfast and dinners.
  • Take the massage with essential oils to calm your body muscles.
  • Stay active while participating in different activities; attend seminars and educational programs based on pregnancy and women’s health.
  • Meditate yourself and think positively.
  • Don’t overreact to unwanted happenings and events.
  • Don’t indulge in fights and stay away from verbal and physical abuse.
  • Spend more time to maintain quality health and take short breaks to rest while doing any chores.

Leading to the things mentioned above will add value to your life and the upcoming life you plan for.

Stop taking Medicines without Doctors’ Permission:

Suppose you have diabetes, suffering from depression or anxiety, or any physical or mental disorder, and regularly using pills for its cure. In that case, you should visit a physician or a healthcare consultant for helpful advice. Women should discuss their health issues and willingness to conceive in detail. You can let the doctor decide what measures should be taken into consideration before doing so.

Whether it’s the right time to stop taking those medicines or use other supplements to keep your condition regular should be the discretion of your doctor, not yours and your partner. It is unsafe for your health to continue or discontinue the usage of medicines you are already taking regularly on your own without considering its side effects, so if you have plans to conceive, rely upon your doctor’s advice.


A woman is supposed to be in good shape to conceive and raise the child well. If you’re trying to conceive, you should undertake these changes sooner than later because it will give you peace of mind when you get pregnant. With a healthy body and healthy practices, you will become fully prepared for the upcoming trial, and it will benefit you in more ways in the long run.

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