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How To Flash Your Android Phone To Install A Customized ROM


All Android smartphones are open-source OS platforms, so you can customize them to your needs. Upgrade the current stable version of ROM to the new version in this flash Android mobile tutorial

If you are afraid to install a new ROM on your device, you can use this tutorial to install any ROM. I explained literally every step and concept and also supplemented the previous version if something happened to the ROM.

To install a new custom ROM on a device, you must first root the device and remove the restrictions. If you’re looking for help in rooting your device, you can access the recent article “Rooting Android Phones for Full Control”. I explained how easy it is to back up and restore the same platform in the future.


Flash android phone

How to install custom ROM on Android

How To Flash Your Android Phone To Install A Custom ROM

To install the custom ROM after rooting the phone, you need an Android application, so use ROM Manager to install the ROM manually. To download ROM Manager, click here or download from the Android Marketplace or Google Play Store.

After downloading ROM Manager and installing it on your Android phone. If you have installed the app, it will look like this:

Then don’t forget to download the ROM to install, place it on the SD card in memory and place it in the root folder. If it does not decompress, make sure the extension is compressed and then compress it.

Remember that you disabled USB debugging and enabled an unknown source option. This was recently mentioned in the previous article, “Rooting Android Smartphones for Full Control.”

Now, open ROM Manager, select Install ROM from SD Card and select the ROM file, and you will be prompted for backup, backup, and process and feature confirmation. You can view the following image. How To Flash Your Android Phone To Install A Customized ROM

Flash android phone

Do not delay as the ROM installation will begin when the phone restarts. These screenshots can be helpful.

How To Flash Your Android Phone To Install A Customized ROM

If you want to restore to the same ROM, go to the ROM Manager app in the apps menu and restore to the previous OS. Reconstructing them is easy. If you run into problems with the tutorial, please comment below so that you can fix them if you run into problems.

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