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How does pregnancy make you feel?


How does pregnancy make you feel?

In this article we gonna check all details about pregnancy.

Increasing the Chances of Pregnancy

Increasing the chance of getting pregnant is one of the important questions.

Many women have trouble getting pregnant and are looking to increase their chances of getting pregnant online.

The chance of women in their 20s to become pregnant with regular sexual intercourse for 1 year is 78-86%, while it is 63% at the age of 30-34 and 52% between the ages of 35-39.

Rates typically continue to decline until you reach menopause. If pregnancy is achieved with unprotected sexual intercourse for 6 months after the age of 35, planning should be made to increase the possibility of pregnancy by meeting with the gynecologist.

What Should Be Done to Increase the Chances of Pregnancy?

Being pregnant and having a baby is a situation that every couple desires, but this can be experienced as a difficult process from time to time.

Because not everyone has the same probability of having a child, and there are many factors both for men and women that affect a healthy pregnancy.

Factors such as the age of the woman and the man, genetic factors, general health status, chronic diseases, alcohol, smoking, substance use, nutrition, intercourse days etc. affect the chances of a woman to conceive.

Is Nutrition Important To Get Pregnant?

A healthy body causes the healthiest reproductive cells and makes it easier to conceive.

Especially in women, excessive amount of adipose tissue causes an increase in insulin resistance in the blood and increased insulin level makes ovulation irregular and decreases the possibility of pregnancy.

However, a fully balanced and healthy diet is very important for reproductive health in both women and men.

If possible, natural foods should be consumed, sufficient protein intake should be provided, and heavy and destructive diets should be avoided during this period.

Natural foods containing zinc, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C should be added to the diet, smoking, alcohol, excessive amounts of caffeine and tea should be avoided.

Vitamins A and D should not be deficient in order to increase sexual desire. Studies have shown that pregnancy factor increases in reaching orgasm.

What is the Role of Relationship in Increasing the Chances of Pregnancy?

The most suitable days to increase the chance of pregnancy are 14 days before the expected period.

Because many women still ovulate exactly today, and it is easier for the male’s sperm to access the newly laid egg.

Although the egg cell varies from person to person, it can be fertilized for about 48 hours after ovulation, while the ability to fertilize the sperm cell is approximately 72 hours after entering the female body.

For this reason, the relationship should start approximately 3-4 days before the expected day of ovulation, and should be done until 4-5 days before the expected period every other day.

Since sexual intercourse causes decrease in sperm quality every day, it is recommended to have intercourse every other day or every 2-3 days.

Factors such as the position and duration of the relationship do not have an impact on conception.

Apart from all these, intense stress, untreated genital infections, frequently used painkillers and anxiety about not conceiving are factors that reduce the possibility of conception.

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