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Here’s the Lowdown on Rigid Boxes


Most common type of packaging boxes used for luxury items are rigid boxes. This is because of the fact that rigid boxes are considered a symbol of exquisite and expensive taste. These boxes are far more robust than the common types of packaging that most products are packed in. They are as far as four times thicker than the common cardboard folding cartons.

Custom rigid box packaging, unlike common paper and corrugated boxes, is not printed on top of directly. Instead, manufacturers will usually wrap them in a sheet of the printing paper that has been customized according to the business’s requirements.

Rigid packaging has quite a rigid and tough exterior. You must have seen these many times on display in high-end superstores and brand outlets. The boxes are mostly used to package high-value items such as designer heels, branded watches, and mobile phones, etc.
Now that you know what rigid boxes look like, let’s dig deeper into their design and construction.

Construction of Rigid Boxes

Depending on your demands and also your manufacturer, your rigid box packaging may be created either by machine processes or by hand. Rigid boxes are created using a material called paperboard or chipboard. This material is a mix of off-white and gray just like a newspaper. This paperboard is then cut with the help of tools into the desired shape. Due to this customization option, you can create packaging of any size that you want.

Printing Rigid Boxes

After the box is cut into the right shape, it is printed on with the help of another machine. You could also have a layer of printed sheet glued on top of the paperboard to fit it perfectly.
To wrap the box, many different kinds of materials are used by box manufacturers. You can choose between paper, fabric, faux leather, or plastic sheets for the outside of the packaging. Besides this, you also have the option to use a matte or gloss finish for the box, along with embossing text or your brand’s logo.
The wrapping sheets are tightly bound to the box material if the boxes are machine-made. However, for handmade boxes, the outside sheets may be more loosely bound to the material. This is one of the ways of telling apart a handmade custom rigid box from a machine-made box.

Strength of Structure

After they have been assembled, rigid boxes are ready for the next phase that is shipment. When people think of rigid boxes, they mostly think of luxury items. However, that’s not it. Rigid boxes are more than just that. Besides their appealing look, they offer great protection to any items that they are carrying. Be it an expensive phone or an antique glass vase, custom rigid box packaging can prevent damage to any object it encases. Read more the Uk time.
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