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Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of Back Pain With Yoga


Yoga is a sacred practice that goes back as far as 5000 years in mankind’s history. The numerous yoga techniques and methods have helped spiritual seekers attain their higher self. However, as of now, yoga has transitioned from an ancient art of maintaining good health to a global phenomenon. Unfortunately, yoga in the west is more of a physical exercise rather than a deep and relaxing way to unlock your true self.

In the last few years, numerous studies have brought to light how yoga can help you get rid of many mental and physical health issues. Moreover, one of these debilitating health issues is back pain which makes it hard for you to carry day-to-day tasks with ease. Hence, if you too suffer from this debilitating condition, it is time to give beginner yoga for back pain a fair try.

With that said, let us find out if yoga does help with back pain.

Is Yoga Effective In Dealing With Back Pain?

There are multiple aspects of yoga that make it a preferred choice for dealing with back pain. Moreover, studies have shown how a regular practice of yoga for 8 weeks helps you gain strength and develop flexibility. Hence, both of these factors are important for you to have good back health.

Apart from this, the Pranayama and meditation practices you do in yoga produces a relaxation response from your body which helps in minimizing back pain. Moreover, yoga is also highly beneficial for those with anxiety and depression.

However, there are some cases where doing yoga might not be good for you.

Who Should Not Do Yoga

Yoga is safe for everyone despite their level of experience, gender, or age. However, there are some medical conditions for which you might have to modify or avoid a specific yoga asana. For example;

➢ If you have been diagnosed with advanced spinal stenosis, avoid yoga inversions like back bends.

➢ Also, if you have advanced cervical spine disease, avoid doing the Headstand or Shoulder Stand.

Therefore, if you want to know which yoga poses to avoid and which to do, enroll in a certified yoga training to become a yoga instructor.

Yoga experts from around the world have complied a list of yoga poses that can help you get rid of back pain.

3 Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Apart from helping you adopt a healthy lifestyle, yoga comes in handy when you want to get rid of a back pain.

Thus, keeping the last statement in mind, given below are three yoga poses which you can do to get rid of this issue.

Half Way Forward Fold (Ardha Uttanasana)

If you are looking for a yoga pose to strengthen your spine and improve body posture, this is the one. Also, the Ardha Uttanasana relieves tension in your neck and back.

Steps To Practice Ardha Uttanasana

➢ Stand on the yoga mat with both feet slightly apart. Further, keep both hands on your hips.

➢ Inhale. Lift your chest and fold forward, arching your back.

➢ Let your fingertips touch the yoga mat.

➢ Keep your hands aligned on the shins. Lift halfway up.

➢ Slowly exhale while standing upright.

Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Do you want to get rid of stress and fatigue in your back? Try the Balasana that gives the muscles of your back torso a good stretch and relieves neck and back pain.

Steps To Balasana

➢ Stand on all fours on the yoga mat.

➢ Spread your knees apart. Keep your big toes touching.

➢ Let your hips rest on your heels.

➢ Sit straight. Bow forward and keep your torso between your thighs.

➢ Furthermore, let your forehead be a little loose and touch the yoga mat.

➢ Hold this pose for at least 1 minute.

Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

The Cow Pose improves blood circulation, body balance, and strengthens your back. Moreover, this beginner yoga for back pain asana delivers fresh blood and nutrients to your spine.

Steps To Practice Cow Pose

➢ Get down on all fours on the yoga mat.

➢ Keep your knees directly below your hips.

➢Furthermore, keep your wrists, elbows, and shoulders in one line.

➢ Bring your head into a central but neutral position. Look at the floor.

➢ Let your stomach sink to the floor. Lift your head to look straight ahead or upwards.

➢ Get back to the starting position.


Do you want to get rid of the debilitating back pain? Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn all the beginner yoga for back pain asanas and keep your back healthy.

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