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Health Benefits Of Chicory Herbs


Chicory, or endive, is a perennial with long, straight roots. It has round condensed stems, some pale green or dark green leaves, and pale blue flowers.

The leaves have a bitter taste. The flowers open at sunrise and close at dusk. Gas Grill And Griddle Combo

Chicory is native to the Mediterranean region, or perhaps eastern India. Known to the ancient Greeks and Romans, it was cultivated in Egypt over 2000 years ago.

Ancient doctors adopted plants to treat certain illnesses.  

Some scholars believed that the name

Thackely came from the Latin word saxalen. Health benefits of chicory herbs

Chicory has been called a special skin nutrient by ancient vegetarians.

Tea made from the pale blue flowers of this plant is said to give radiant skin.

Analysis of chicory or endive leaves shows that per 100 grams contains 93.0 percent water,

1.7 percent protein, 0.1 percent fat, 0.9 percent fiber, and 4.3 percent carbohydrate.

Its mineral and vitamin content is calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin,

niacin and vitamin C. Its calorie value is 20.

Chocolate flowers contain ticolin glucoside and bitter substances, lactucin and int-bin.

The seeds contain light oil and the roots contain potassium nitrate and sulphate, mucus and bitterness.

Healing power
This herb helps the function of the liver and gallbladder.

Eye defects
Chicory contains food elements that optical systems always need.

It is one of the most abundant sources of vitamin A,

which is very useful to the eye. Adding carrot, celery,

and parsley juice to chicory juice makes it a food that nourishes

the optic nerve and muscular system.

It can have amazing results by repairing eye imperfections.

This combination of 0.5 to 1 liter per day often fixed eye problems within

Health benefits of chicory herbs

Herbs are natural laxatives.

Herbs along with celery and parsley are very helpful for anemia. An effective blood tonic.

Liver dysfunction and gallbladder
Chicory flowers, seeds and roots are used medicated to treat liver damage.

Taking about 30-60 ml of decoction of flowers, seeds, or roots three times a day can have beneficial results in the treatment of liver upset and constipation, cholestasis, homeostasis, jaundice, and splenomegaly. ..

Endive juice or chicory juice, in almost all combinations,

Respiratory disease
The combination of chocolate,

carrot and celery juice can be used for asthma and

Most useful. Taking half a teaspoon of dry root powder three times

a day mixes with honey and is a good expectation for chronic bronchitis.

Periodontal disease
Chicory seed decoctions help treat blocked periods.

Other uses
If possible, boil the young leaves and put them in a salad to eat.

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