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Depression During Pregnancy – Fact And Coping Tips


Depression at a certain time during your pregnancy is common and is to be expected. About 10% of all pregnant women suffer from depression during pregnancy.

Just a few years ago, doctors thought your body was producing chemicals that would help with depression while you were pregnant. In reality it is the other way around: depression during pregnancy is often due to hormonal imbalances that are caused by your pregnancy, because your body needs to prepare for the upcoming baby.

Pregnant women ignore their feelings and reject them as “hormonal”. However, if you think you have depression during pregnancy, it is important to call your doctor to discuss the problem and your options.

Am I depressed?

Most women begin to suspect that during pregnancy they will experience depression as …

o you have difficulty concentrating

Oh, they feel slow, like they’re moving through life in a smog

O loss of appetite

O thoughts of suicide

o they no longer enjoy activities they used to like

O these thoughts and feelings last more than 14 days

If you experience these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

Home remedies for depression during pregnancy
Read more for some suggestions to deal with depression during pregnancy. As always, if you suspect that you have this condition as a result of your pregnancy, contact your doctor.

1-Self-Love due to depression

There are two ways you can treat depression during pregnancy. You can treat it as a problem that needs to be addressed or combated, or as something that is wrong and you need to get rid of. or you can treat it as an experience and a part of yourself and love it completely.

Instead of beating yourself up for depression, ‘solve’ the problem and keep calling yourself names if you can’t solve it, which brings the problem into a spiral, try to love yourself instead. Acceptance is the first step in curing depression.

2-Sleep, water, exercise, fresh air and sunlight

The amount of sleep you get has a huge impact on your emotional state. By sleeping sufficiently and waking up’ fresh’, problems with sleep deprivation are prevented from exacerbating the problem. as well as giving you an emotional shock.

It is important to drink enough water. Water is used by your body to clean the system and create the right and balanced hormones. Sufficient water is important to cure depression during pregnancy.

Exercise and fresh air are important ingredients to improve mental health. Moderate to potent exercise is safe for pregnant women until the third trimester. After that, moderate exercise without running or jumping is recommended. It has also been shown that deep breathing through the abdomen promotes mental clarity.

Sunlight also has the effect that it chews up and nourishes the body. Sunlight is also needed for the production of vitamin D, which is important for your baby to get the calcium they need to thrive. Pregnant women are recommended to Apply 15 minutes of sunlight to their skin three times a week.

3-Believe You’ll make it

Depression during pregnancy is usually temporary, especially if the mother has not had a history of depression. Knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel is important to stay centered even in the midst of emotional chaos.

If in doubt, consult a qualified doctor again.

Depression during pregnancy is a common condition in expectant women. This condition is usually temporary and curable.


Just as in this time when women are in no way willing to give up their calling for a child, pregnancy can lead to pressure, fear, discomfort, confusing prospects and even become constantly discouraged.

It is far from an amazing certainty that about one in four women will experience depression during their pregnancy.

According to Dr. Vaibhav Dubey, a well-known psychiatrist in Bhopal, depression is usually insufficiently analyzed and simply considered hormone-related.

It cannot be denied that hormonal changes during pregnancy may affect the synthetic substances of the cerebrum of a woman rightly associated with depression and tension.

In any case, there are other conditions and tensions that can lead to melancholy in the stages of pregnancy.

The following are the factual indications that occur in women for about 14 days at each stage of pregnancy::

Sadness that cannot be rid of
Lack of attention
Worse snooze design (extreme / exaggerated little)
There was a lack of intrigue in the exercises one normally enjoyed.
Persistent reflections on death, suicide or grief
Feelings guilty or useless
Bad eating habits.

The main reason for depression during pregnancy may be: setbacks or an unnatural cycle of work, unpleasant events in life or a history of abuse or misery.

In what capacity could this harm the child?

The decline can lead to some of the significant dangers for the child and the mother. If you do not, this can lead to poor living, and even more to drinking or smoking and self-destructive practices.

The study showed that women who are confronted with despair during pregnancy do not have the quality to think about themselves, as do the child who creates them.

The children of discouraged mothers are less dynamic. They struggle to be more attentive, harassed and disappointed at most opportunities.

Treatment of depression during pregnancy:

It is a legend that the decline will not be manageable. Yet the darkness can be illuminated to the extent that the ladies can live happily during their pregnancy. It can therefore be handled and monitored very well.

Women suffering from depression during pregnancy should consult a specialist in Bhopal as they may recommend care groups, psychotherapy and other elective treatments such as:

B. needle therapy and light treatment, or prefer to keep it on prescription. Rest, diet changes and natural remedies are also effective in dealing with the dark.

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