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What Is The Cost Of Heart Valve Surgery In India?


A heart valve replacement surgery is required when the aortic valve of the human heart gets damaged and can no longer perform its functions typically. The surgery involves replacing the damaged valve with an artificial or donated valve made of synthetic materials or biological tissues taken from the cow, pig, or human donors.

The need for a valve replacement generates symptoms like breathlessness, chest pain, and irregular blood pressure. Before going ahead and discussing the heart valve replacement cost in India, let us examine other factors such as the need for valve replacement, types of valves used, and advantages of heart valve surgery.

Reasons For Valve Replacement

Some of the significant reasons and symptoms which require valve replacement are:

  • Valve narrowing or stenosis, which happens due to the deposition of platelets on the valve.
  • Leaking of blood from the valve or regurgitation causes serious cardiac symptoms, including angina, shortness of breath, or heart failure.
  • Severe damage to heart valves due to infections or endocarditis.
  • Even when cardiac symptoms aren’t severe, tests reflect conditions of valve abnormalities.
  • For patients with an existing prosthetic valve needing a replacement due to complications.

Types Of Valves Used For Surgery

There are multiple types of valves used for the surgery, and their selection is subject to availability, suitability, cost, and other factors. Various valves used for replacement surgery are:

  • Mechanical Valves

These were the first category of valves to be used for the purpose, and they are the most long-lasting ones. However, there is an increased chance of blood clot formation. Hence, a person with mechanical valves must take anticoagulant drugs for the rest of their lives, making them susceptible to bleeding on injuries.

  • Tissue Valves

These are generally made from animal tissues and are pre-treated to prevent rejection and calcification. These tissues are less prone to clotting, but they are less durable than the mechanical valves. In some cases, the tissue valves are replaced with the homograft, which is taken from cadavers.

  • Homograft

In some cases, the tissue valves are replaced with the homograft, which is taken from cadavers. These valves are particularly beneficial for children and pregnant women, as they don’t require long-term anticoagulation therapy, which might prove unsuitable for children.

Advantages Of Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Before we discuss the heart valve replacement cost in India, let us understand some of the benefits of heart valve replacement surgery:

  • An Improved Quality Of Life

After undergoing a heart valve replacement surgery, a person can get rid of the severe cardiac symptoms, and the risk of fatal attacks is significantly minimised.

  • Reduction In Symptoms

No one wants to live a life with chronic chest pains, breathing issues, difficulties in thinking, etc. Hence, heart valve replacement surgery helps a person live their life freely and without any such symptoms.

  • Prolonged Life

These surgeries are known to increase the lifespan of a person who is facing heart valve-related ailments.

Cost Of Heart Valve Surgery

Heart valve replacement cost in India depends on several factors such as type of surgery, the valve used, facilities provided, location, duration of stay of the patient, criticality of the case, etc. Considering all these factors, heart valve replacement surgery in India costs anywhere between INR 3 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs in the Delhi NCR.

Compared to the rest of India, Delhi NCR has reputed hospitals such as Max Healthcare which provide world-class facilities at a reasonable cost. The hospitals see a massive inflow of patients from foreign countries for heart valve replacement surgery.

Why Consider India For Heart Valve Replacement?

Compared to the other nations, hospitals in India provide better treatment at much lower costs. Also, the lodging costs are considerably lower, and doctors and hospitals in India have a great service attitude, which puts them apart. The hospitals have a good record of successfully treating thousands of patients every year.


The heart is a vital organ of the human body. Even though medical science has evolved a lot in the past few decades, it is always better to maintain a healthy lifestyle to bear treatments’ physical and financial burdens. Decreased amounts of fat and oil, regular exercise, and a stress-free mind are keys to a healthy heart.

Lastly, even if you are diagnosed with any such conditions, then there’s nothing to worry about, as the expert cardiac surgeons and world-class hospitals like Max Healthcare are there to handle even the most critical conditions related to your heart. Hence, book an appointment today to avail the best possible cardiac treatment in India.

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