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Common Conditions in Newborns


There are some conditions in newborns that are common. These common conditions are generally seen in them within the period of two weeks after the baby is born. Six Some of these conditions are discussed below. However, if you notice any of these common conditions in newborns. In that cases you might immediately consult with the pediatrician or child specialist of your baby.

Swollen Abdomen

Generally, the abdominal of a newborn baby is swollen after breastfeeding, but it becomes normal and soft between the times of two breastfeedings. Sometimes. The abdomen of a newborn baby can remain swollen all the time with hardness. In the belly which is a condition that can be created by gas or constipation in the abdomen. The baby might not have any defecation for two days or might be vomiting. In this case, consult with your pediatrician immediately.

Birth Injuries

During labor, a collarbone of the baby may be broken but in most cases. New bone forms within the very first few weeks. A lump may be seen over the spot of bone formation and the lump will also be cured later on. But in some babies, the condition may persist that requires treatment under a pediatrician. Another birth injury is muscle weakness that is occurred by pressure or stretching during labor. One side of the face may suffer from muscle weakness. Ask your pediatrician for tips on how to hold and nurse to make healing faster. Thus babies are sensitive and often birth injuries occurs especially during delivery. So you might keep you under a pregnancy health expert.

Blue Skin Coloring Persistently

Newborns usually may have a slightly blue or purple color especially if they are cold which most often becomes normal again. But if a newborn persistently has blue skin coloring, it is a sign that his heart or lung is not working properly. That means the baby is not getting an ample supply of oxygen in his blood. In this situation, bring the newborn under urgent medical attention. Baby’s skin is more sensitive than adult people so it is very important to ensure proper skin care for your baby. Whether you face any difficulties you should contract to your doctor for immediate help. Baby’s skip color gets change for different reasons so you might put your attention to keep safe from gram infections.

Passing Meconium

The staff of the hospital or clinic will observe your baby see his first urine and bowel movement as they are very important to determine his health. The process may take up to 48 hours. The first one or the first two bowel movements are black or dark green and thin. As it is called meconium by which he was being fed in the womb of his mother. If the baby does not pass meconium within two days of his birth, further evaluation is necessary to detect the problems in the baby.


If your newborn drinks very fast, he may cough. If the flow and volume of the milk coming out of the breasts of his mother is very strong, the baby may not become accustomed. It resulting in coughing, spitting, and gasping while drinking. Generally, the problem is solved within the first few days. But if the problems continue, you must contact your pediatrician as continuous coughing might be the reason for problems in the lung or digestive tract.

Excessive Crying

Excessive crying are common conditions in newborn. You have to know that babies cry. It is natural. If your baby cries too much, check out. It needs like feeding, cleaning, and warming, or talk with him though he cannot talk. It is expected your baby will be calm soon. But if your baby keeps crying for an unusually long duration of time with a peculiar voice, do not ignore it. Call your pediatrician as soon as possible. Whether you got parenthood through surrogacy and facing these issues, you might contract to the agency (leihmutter agentur) for immediate help.

The above discussed 6 common conditions in newborns are some common and there are also some other semi-common conditions. They are like blood in stool, forceps marks, lethargy, sleepiness, jaundice, respiratory diseases, and umbilical cord problems like umbilical stump bleeding, umbilical granuloma, and umbilical hernia. If you see any of the above conditions in your newborn, call your pediatrician. These ultimate outline about the common condition about the newborn might make you more careful to ensure proper health care for newborn babies. Whether your baby face more critical issues for natural or artificial affect you might contract to your doctor.

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