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Check out some of the most exciting things to do in Mussoorie:


Mussoorie is one of the many famous hill stations present in India. It is in Uttarakhand state Dehradun district. Labeled as the queen of the Himalaya Mountain range, offering multiple jaw-dropping beautiful sights. If you are touring the northern areas of India and skip Mussoorie from your plan is a great loss. It is a must-visit place for all the natural sights lovers. Continue reading this guide to find out what are the most exciting and unique things you can do at Mussoorie.

1.  Trekking- a thrilling experience:

Mussoorie is famous as the gateway for Yamunotri and Gangotri shrines. This side of the mountain range has multiple lakes, waterfalls, and gardens. While trekking up the mountain, you see amazing waterfalls and beautiful lakes. Indeed, it is one of the best activities you can do at Mussoorie.

The main attractive places include Mussoorie lake, the mall, camel’s back road, happy valley, etc. Sighting is one of the best experiences you get here during the cable car ride. The car trip costs around 75 INR, for a round trip from Jhulagat towards Gun Hill. It is open from 10 am to 7 pm.

Another thrilling experience can be the sky bridge, the hanging bridge. It is almost 300 ft long at the height of 80 feet. It costs around 300 INR.

2.  Hiking- dive in beautiful sights:

This side of the Himalayas is full of beautiful landscapes and greenery areas. You can have an experience of a lifetime here. The mesmerizing views of floating clouds with cold breeze can enlighten the saddest heart.

Either walk from library head to happy valley or from Waverly to company Bagh, it is full of amazing views. You can have a sight of Nag Jibba Summit, Har Ki Dun Trek, Dodital Trek, and Bhadra temple and forest trek.

The best time to go trekking is all year apart from monsoon days, there is extreme rain during that time. You can find multiple trekking operators there. The cost varies from the size of the group to your time of visit.

3.  Rock climbing-for adrenaline junkies:

Rock climbing is the most thrilling and adventurous thing to do in Mussoorie. The size of rock varies from 50 ft to 500 ft. You can reveal your adventurous beast and choose the size of rock you can climb. Caving enhances your control and presence of mind skills. The cave covers an area of almost 6km surrounded by meadows, trees, and beautiful views. Surely, it is the best way to find out your skills limit.

ATV mountain biking gives another thrill and adventurous experience. Indeed, it is the best part of selecting your trip to Mussoorie. The cost is around 500 INR for rock climbing and caving depends upon the number of people.

4.  Paragliding- an adventurous experience:

Nonetheless, the best place for paragliding in entire India is Mussoorie. You can enjoy paragliding with your partner as it has two-seater paragliding set-ups. Hence, an ideal spot for a honeymoon. The operators are fully trained and professional, so you do not have to worry about safety. All the protocols and safety measures are being followed properly.

13+ are eligible for paragliding and no one can paraglide without an operator. Because in case of an emergency they know how to counteract. The minimum time is around 12 hours to a maximum of 1 hour. It starts from 2,000 INR to 10,000 INR depending upon the flight time you choose.

5.  Rafting- for adventurous buffs:

Rafting is also an unforgettable experience at Mussoorie. The rives cross grassy lands, mountain views, and sometimes even snowy areas. You can choose to raft for hours from one side of Barkot to Lakhamandal.

The rafting operators are open throughout the year apart from June, July, August.

6.  Roller skating- a thrilling experience:

Mussoorie has India’s largest roller-skating arena. One can have a complete honeymoon or family trip to Mussoorie with everything present within few miles. If you find yourself an expert at balancing and controlling, do try this. Indeed, it is one of the best things to do. Some several championships and tournaments also take place here. So, if you happen to visit at that time. Do not forget to enjoy a classic live roller-skating tournament.

7.  Shopping- a vibrant experience:

You can always choose to explore the area and chill around the city. The main shopping points are Kulri Bazaar and Landour Bazaar. It is full of antique, historical things which you might never find in the city.

The collection of handmade is amazing. Moreover, you can buy shawls, sweaters, and winter clothes from there too.

8.  Food- explore the dishes:

Tibetan food is famous around the locals of Mussoorie. Usually, the food is made of rice, meat, and rarely veggies. The noodles and soup are also a thing in the valley of Mussoorie. Some famous dishes are Jhangora ki Kheer, Bal Mithai, Singodi, Gul Gula, Bhangjeera, Malta Juice, Rose Juice, and more.

9.  Relax while fishing:

If you are planning a long trip to Mussoorie, every day does not have to be thrilling and exciting. You can also choose to simply relax and vibe on a boat while fishing calmly. The Aglar River and Yamuna River are excellent for trout fishing. Although, remember that fishing might not be legal throughout the year so try getting a permit or ask your tour guide before going.

10. Boating- enjoy the views:

Boating in Mussoorie lake is another top thing to do. First, enjoy the road trip to the hill station of Mussoorie lake. It is almost 6km, you can grab few snacks while going there and enjoy yourself peacefully with your partner. It can cost you around 700 INR for a round trip.

11.  Conclusion:

Nonetheless, Mussoorie is a must-visit place in North India, you can also take your dog with you. if the airline services do not allow a pet, you can get a legitimate ESA letter online and take your dog. All you need is to contact and get registered.

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