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Change In Facebook Timeline


Since my exam was running, I mentioned not to use Facebook through but today when I was just upset with my Facebook notification then all of a sudden got a slight change in profile, and guess what ???.

Face book just changed the layout and little made like blogs and website that are maintained very

Effectively easy navigation that previous Facebook timeline. As you can see the picture of previous

timeline was something like this…, which was yuck, and even I did not liked it. I just used it because

Face book officially forced me to change into timeline automatically later if we do not do it now.

Change In Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline

I do not know what others think about face book time line, which was before, but it sucks for me. I do

not like its structure and the way it presented the whole thing like images appearance and photos and

albums structure. Now it is better and more formal like any other websites. All things is structured

and maintained up and running. Layout maintained same as the layout of MySpace. Navigation is

quite easier.

Facebook new timeline

Friend Request and all albums are left side of profile. It is not arranged everywhere like before. As you

Can see there is horizontal navigation menu bar which is same like blogs and websites and there is

also arrangement of friends contact lists, our page likes box arrangements music we list pages we

Liked and books we have bookmarked are all arranged in the lists in order.

In addition, at content section, usually I called content for middle one, it is only for news feed we have

shared and status updates we have kept wherever it keeps in straight line. About menu is also

Arranged well for easier navigation. It same as Google plus about section but suits well in face book

rather than Google chrome. I hate Google chrome because page takes much time to load. Anyway I

Am I hanging on face book till Google fixes this problem 😉 . But is face book go on progressing like this

In social media sector who needs Google plus anyway which lacks privacy 😛 .

Change In Facebook Timeline

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