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Best Ovulation Test Strips 2021

Best Ovulation Test Strips 2021

If you are planning a baby, then you should get familiar with ovulation and ovulation test strips. Every month, a fertile woman’s ovaries release a mature egg that can lead to fertilization. The ovulation test kits find the probable time of ovulation and predict a fertile window of a month. It is the most fertile phase of the ovulation cycle, so it becomes the best time for intercourse to increase the chance of conception naturally. The ovulation cycle can vary from woman to woman and even from month to month. Thus, doctors highly prescribe using ovulation test strips to find out when you are ovulating. Here, we provide a brief introduction to the ovulation test kit, how it works, and the best product to rely on.

How Does Ovulation Test Work?

No matter which brand you pick for the ovulation test at home, it works by measuring the level of luteinizing hormone in the urine. In a fertile peak, the surge of LH signals the ovaries to release the fertile egg. Thus, LH surge becomes the basic parameter to track the ovulation progression with home-based ovulation test strips. You only need to dip the test strip into the urine sample, wait for a while, and let the ovulation test result appears. The result shows in terms of lines, i.e., a dark line appears when you are about to ovulate, and a light or faint line appears when you are not ovulating.

Accuracy of ovulation predictor kit:

According to studies, ovulation test strips can give 97% accurate results most of the time. The best ovulation test kits are sensitive enough to detect the minor rise of LH level to predict the ovulation progression before time. However, the accuracy gets affected for women having PCOs, irregular menstrual cycles, or any other health conditions. Despite these factors, you can ensure the accuracy of these kits by keeping a few thin in your account while doing ovulation tests at home.

  • Always take the first urine in the morning as a sample to measure the surge in LH because the first urine of the day has a high concentration of LH and hCG hormone.
  • Make sure that your urine is concentrated enough for accurate testing. So, do not drink a lot of water before taking a sample for the ovulation prediction test.
  • To ensure an accurate result, always follow the exact direction given on the package.

If you are casting about the best ovulation test kits in Pakistan, then you can rely on USA-imported brands and their high-accuracy test kits. The bestselling ones include Clearblue digital ovulation test, Easy@Home ovulation test, First Response ovulation test, Clinical Guard Ovulation test, and more. You can get any of these from Amazon USA through the ease of ovulation test strips online shopping in Pakistan. So, if you desire to get pregnant, then track your ovulation with these kits. It will surely help find the ideal time to try to conceive a baby with ease. 

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