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Benefits of Sisal Carpets and Sisal Rugs Over Natural Fiber Carpets


Sisal Carpets have been known to be exceptionally well crafted, they create an extremely durable floor covering and are considered to be an incredibly aesthetically pleasing carpeting option. Due to this, they are relatively inexpensive, so are a great option for those looking for an exclusive look without breaking the bank. Sisal Carpets Dubai however are considered to be amongst the most expensive carpets available in the world, with a similar type of feel to fine vineyards. 

Give Your Interior Modern Look With Sisal Carpets Dubai

Cheap Sisal Carpets Dubai is also manufactured in a huge quantity and is often used in the interior of luxury homes and hotels, whilst still maintaining the same quality as any other brand of carpet.

Many people believe that sisal carpets Dubai is made from the same types of natural fiber which is used in manufacturing silk, this is far from the case. Wool has long since been a top choice for sisal carpets, silk is simply a close cousin, more closely resemble wool’s wool. The fact is silk is man-made and is processed just like any other natural fiber carpets

Sisal Carpets Dubai are often manufactured in a larger size than normal carpets, this is due to the high demand for these carpets within the emirate. Large industries have sprung up around the construction and manufacture of carpets because not many people are aware of the environmental benefits of using sisal and wool combined. The main benefit of manufacturing sisal carpets in Dubai is that they have a shorter manufacturing time than carpets from elsewhere in the world. This shorter manufacturing time allows these carpets to be supplier faster to market, cutting out the delivery costs.

Choose the Best Carpets Supplier in UAE

The large number of industries located around Dubai means the prices of these carpets. Have dropped dramatically over the past few years. The lower price means that more consumers can afford to buy them. If you were to buy a similar carpet from any other country in the world. You would find that the cost would be substantially higher. And you would also have to pay shipping costs for your purchase. If you are thinking about purchasing a sisal carpet in Dubai. Then you can rest assured that you will be getting an excellent bargain. Due to the large numbers of factories that are situated around Dubai. The price of the sisal carpet will be driven down to its optimum level.

It is worth mentioning that many of the sisal rug manufacturing companies. Use only premium quality wool and cotton, which are agave plants extract. Agave plants grow wild in the UAE and are relatively easy to grow. So the bulk of the wool that is use in these carpets comes from this plant. This means that you can rest assured that you are not buying substandard carpets. But are rather getting high-quality ones for your home or office. Another great thing about these carpets in Dubai is that they have been treat with an anti-fungal agent. This means that they are very durable and do not get damage as easily as normal carpets.

Types of Sisal Carpets & Rugs

When you look at the different types of sisal rugs in Dubai. It is clear that you will be able to find ones made out of all different materials. One of the most popular varieties is the one that uses wool. As you may know, wool is a great insulator, and it has great thermal qualities. This means that when you lie down on one of these carpets. It will provide you with warmth, even in the coldest of weather. Another benefit of this carpet is that it is available in a variety of weights. Meaning that you can purchase something that is suit for your needs.

These carpets Dubai is also available in natural fibers, such as rayon and silk. Natural fibers are much stronger than the other varieties, which is why they are consider a better choice for Dubai. Another benefit of natural fibers is that they are extremely durable, as well as very easy to maintain. Although these carpets Dubai are more expensive, they are definitely worth the investment. They will provide you with warm and comfortable flooring. Will stand the test of time, without fading, cracking, or fraying.


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As you can see, there are many reasons to purchase carpets Dubai over sisal rugs. The prices are lower, due to the bulk of the wool that is use to make the carpets. As well as the fact that it is a natural fiber. It also helps that the Dubai carpets UAE is made with a durable Dubai material. Which is great for maintaining their appearance. Keep these things in mind, when shopping for carpets or any other items for your home or office in Dubai.

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