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Abdominal pain during pregnancy


What causes abdominal pain during pregnancy and when does it start? Is abdominal pain and groin a sign of pregnancy?

Abdominal pain and groin appear during certain periods of pregnancy. From the first week, expectant mothers experience abdominal and groin pain due to both physical and hormonal changes.

This pain can have different causes. As the uterus begins to expand, it begins to put pressure on the intestines and internal organs. This pressure causes pain in the abdomen, lower back and groin in women.

For those who do not yet know they are pregnant, it is important to know that not every abdominal pain is a sign of pregnancy.

Abdominal pain and groin, one of the symptoms of pregnancy, especially when the uterus begins to expand.

Decomposition In addition to normal pain, abdominal sting also occurs normally during this period. What are the causes of abdominal pain during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a difficult process for expectant mothers. Changes in body balance from day one sometimes affect daily life.

Physical changes begin almost in the first week Accidental low back and abdominal pain is often one of the problems faced by expectant mothers.

Deconstruction in the early stages of pregnancy, the expectant mother begins to lose weight in the first place. As you grow, you gain weight and your body becomes heavier. There may be pain in the legs and knees.

Is abdominal pain a symptom of pregnancy?

Occasionally there is abdominal pain and groin during pregnancy. Abdominal pain can be a sign of pregnancy.

However, not every abdominal pain should be taken as a sign of pregnancy. Abdominal pain, which is a sign of pregnancy, can be understood starting from the upper abdomen and feeling pain with great intensity in the groin.

When Does Abdominal Pain Start During Pregnancy?

When an embryo is born, it begins to take place in its mother’s womb. When this happens, it’s OK that the expectant mother is experiencing abdominal pain.

Mild and December-like pain is experienced during the capture of the embryo in the uterus.

Bowel problems can cause abdominal pain

Digestive problems can also cause abdominal pain during pregnancy.

As the beginning of the movement of the baby in the mother’s womb, it can cause constant pain in the abdomen of the expectant mother, which can also affect the movements of the intestines.

In this case, proper nutrition comes into play. It is known that the use of healthy food relaxes the intestines and relaxes the expectant mother.

Abdominal pain may increase after 5-7 months

There has been an increase in abdominal pain for a month. As the abdomen grows, so does the abdominal pain.

These pains are usually 5 pregnancies. is felt more after a month.


Some pregnant women may also have abdominal pain caused by stress. Sudden change of emotions, irritability causes abdominal pain.

Because stress or sudden changes in emotions directly affect the digestive system, many pregnant women experience abdominal pain caused by stress.


Many abdominal pain during pregnancy is considered normal. However, other complaints, as well as pain, should not be ignored and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

What are the ways to reduce groin pain?

  • Regular walking and exercise relieve groin pain during pregnancy and make the pregnancy process more painless.
  • You do not need to act suddenly. Sudden decreases can occur in the groin area during sudden movements.
  • Pocket-like clothes, especially waist clothes, should be preferred. A dress that does not put pressure on the back and abdomen will prevent abdominal pain and groin.

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