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A Portable App That Facilitates Web Browsing


Previously, I ran many programs, used different browsers to download other programs, and accessed the Internet via VPN.

Using the portable app has become a bit easier than everything you save in one location doesn’t crash across your drive and your storage stays in the same folder.

The main advantage is that it can also be used from a thumb drive (USB drive) and all bookmarks are stored on the USB itself, so you don’t have to create a separate folder to store on Hardisk.

Portable App

A Portable App That Facilitates Web Browsing

The best place to download portable applications is There is a great USB drive launcher that gives you easy access to your programs by simply clicking on the start menu.

You can download the entire package directly from the website or manually select and download it.

Most of the apps that are really important to internet surfers

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Portable

Chrome is the most popular browser for all internet users due to its fast page loading and many extensions. This makes it easier to browse and surf the internet.

You can also use the portable Google Chrome browser to save the storage to a thumb drive using another computer.

With the help of the launchers they provide, we can quickly close and open the application. Saved bookmarks are saved directly to your thumb drive, so you don’t have to worry about bookmarks crashing.

Portable Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Portable

You may be wondering why you use two portable browsers, but my answer is that Firefox supports even more plugins than Google Chrome.

One of Firefox’s favorite features is the ability to collect all data in the event of an internet connection problem. There are also realistic themes that Firefox can offer.

Firefox has many advantages, but I prefer to use Firefox, which is more convenient than the Google Chrome browser. But I use Google Chrome for surfing the internet.

This is because it has a fast cache feature that allows you to load web pages even faster than Firefox. These portable browsers automatically save all your bookmarks to your thumb drive.

U Torrent Portable

U Portable Trent

U Torrent is my best friend. If you are sitting in front of a PC connected to the internet, you can resume the download anytime, anywhere.

The main advantage is that you can delay the download at any time and utorrent will not be able to download for a long time or over another internet connection.

So I always download from the thumb drive and pause, then connect and resume the download whenever I’m connected to the internet. very convenient;)

Portable Apps provides a launcher that allows you to launch apps directly from ICONS notifications. You need to download it from the official Portable Apps website.

There are other more effective launchers, but I’m studying them, so I’ll write another post. Therefore, be sure to subscribe to the latest updates. A Portable App That Facilitates Web Browsing has thousands of apps that blogs can’t explain. You need to manually check which one works better. Many games are portable, so users can enjoy them even if downloads and copies are delayed.

I would like to get feedback on using these portable apps, so please comment below on the portable apps that have been used and proven to be very useful in your computer life.

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