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9 Easy Steps to Decorate Your Small Home


Whether it is a bedroom, dining hall, kitchen, or living room, every part of your home is crucial for you. For a comfortable, convenient, and luxury life, you need to adorn it and make it look beautiful. Embellishing a home is not an easy task. It becomes more tough when you decide to decorate your small home. You have numerous queries, and what to do and where to start are some common questions that most of you face. Here are some practical steps that can help you in this regard:

1. Know the space well

In the first step of your home decoration, you should find the answers to a few basic questions about the part of your home you want to renovate. The questions could be on the type of space (private or public), the time you spend there, and the way that could work for your life. Keep in mind your requirements for your bedroom are different from one for your living room and dining hall. Invest some of your valuable time to assess the basic queries.  

2. Think about your needs 

After knowing what type of a room you expect, you should consider how you will use the room. It is essential for you to make your needs clear. With this, you will be able to decide what furniture pieces you need for that space. For knowing the required furniture, you should answer a few queries such as the need to create a small play area in your living space, having a cat that claws at your upholstered furniture, addition of a work space in your bedroom, etc. 

3. Decide your decorating style 

When it comes to designing a room in your home, giving a personal touch to it is crucial for you. For this, you can get some inspiration by browsing Instagram, Pinterest, and eCommerce websites such as Suppose that you are willing to decorate your living room with wall art. You can think of hanging landscape paintings for living room to cover more wall areas. Similarly, you can hang horse paintings for bedroom to show your strength as a horse. In simple words, knowing the decorating style will help you select and use the right decorative items in your home. 

4. Finalize the layout of your home

Many of you ignore this step. However, finding and finalizing a layout is essential for you. Whether you are working to adorn a spacious living room or or a tiny bedroom, making a plan for the placement of a furniture piece makes everything in your home decoration more comfortable for you. Think of the structure of a room in your abode that could narrow down the space use options. For instance, consider you have a big bedroom that could have a full-size seating area. But it has only one wall that you can use to place your sofa. You can use the vertical space of the wall in your dining hall if it lacks windows.

5. Determine your budget

Now, you should move to the essential part of your home embellishment, which is not a fun part. In layman words, home decorative items such as frame sets, clocks, paintings, and hangings come with high price tags. So, you must decide how much you want to spend. Making it clear will help you wherever you should go with the complete or partial decoration. You will easily decide the color, accent pieces, and furniture items. 

6. Select the right color palette

You should decide a color scheme for a space decoration in your home. Whether you coat a layer of paint on the walls or not, selecting a color scheme is the one that could help you set your abode apart from others. Make it clear whether you want a neutral, full-steam, bold-technical, or shades of bright colors. 

7. Start placing the basic furniture items

Now, come to the execution of what you have planned or prepared for your home decor. You can start it by placing the fundamental furniture pieces such as beds in the bedroom, sofas and centre table in the living room, and a dining table with chairs in the dining hall. For example, you are placing furniture pieces in your bedroom. Ensure that you have placed all the requisite furniture pieces such as almirah, dressing table, and cloth storage cupboard. 

8. Add accents and lights

Keep in mind all your efforts and invested time will go worthless if you leave your walls empty and don’t light a space in your home. Recall your choice and taste and move ahead for hanging wall art pieces such as murals, paintings, clocks, shelves, etc. You can consider having all types of lights (ceiling, wall, pole, floor, and spot lamps) to brighten up your entire home. Opt for the installation of recessed lights if you want to have an aesthetic appeal. 

9. Use fabrics 

Fabrics, whether they are in the form of curtains, bed sheets, or pillow covers, are part and partial of home decoration. Have a close look at all the fabrics you have in your home and change them if they are too old or torn. Clean them regularly if they are in good condition. 


Home decoration depends on several things, from planning to execution and the selection & purchase of decorative items. For a better look and fresh feeling, you should be very careful and should take each possible effort.         

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