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6 Yoga Coaching Tips For New Yoga Teachers


Becoming a yoga teacher comes with a lot of responsibility. It is not just about teaching yoga poses to others. The art of yoga coaching requires you to possess in-depth knowledge of yoga philosophy, asanas, its origins, and the numerous yogic techniques. A yoga teacher is someone who has not just earned a certification but also has the right wisdom to help others.

Remember, accomplishing the yoga teacher training is one thing and teaching the same to others is a different story. The yoga teacher training provides you the skills to help others unlock their true potential and offer them a way to bring positive changes into their life.

Yoga experts from around the world have come up with a list of things you should keep in mind after becoming a certified yoga teacher.

6 Yoga Coaching Tips For New Yoga Teachers

There are specific yoga teaching tips which you should always follow when starting out as a certified yoga teacher.

1. Start Small

At the very beginning of the yoga coaching career, starting with a small group would help you develop confidence in the long run. You can also try this out by teaching a group of friends or your family members. Yoga experts recommend you try giving free yoga lessons whether it be at a park, garden, or by the beach side.

Remember, the main goal here is to teach as much as possible for you to gain a considerable experience before going with a large group.

2. Rehearse The Class By Yourself

Before you kickstart the yoga session of the next day, make sure you plan and practice the yoga sequence by yourself. Talk out loud as if you are teaching a large yoga class and record the session to find out any errors in your teaching style. Make sure you use the right words and tone when practicing the sequence.

The most common mistake that new yoga teachers commit is by not having enough time for self-practice. Make sure you include the right yoga asanas in the sequence so that the yoga session goes smooth.

3. Include Some Stillness

When you start with yoga coaching classes, remember that each student coming to your class would have a different goal in mind. Some might be working to improve their fitness, some would want to relax, while there would be some who just come to socialize.

However, you should always keep the classes simple and plan them such that all students can take a small break from time to time. Add in some time for self-reflection and stillness in your yoga class. These would help the students catch up with you during the class and help them prepare for the next session.

4. Keep It Simple

This cannot be stressed enough, but as a new teacher you would be more eager to share the maximum amount of information when it comes to yoga. However, remember that even for beginners the simple of yoga cues can be a bit of a challenge. Yoga experts recommend that you should give out simple cues and try to limit them to three.

For example, you should use simple terms like lift, open, feel, stretch, breathe out, and push during the yoga session. New students might not be familiar with advanced terminologies so it is better to use simple terms.

Lastly, when teaching yoga to newbies, never use the Sanskrit terms for yoga asanas. You should never say Navasana but say Boat Pose.

5. Create Genuine Relationships

Always pay close attention to all the students in your class, whether they are beginners or advanced yoga practitioners. As a yoga teacher, it is your responsibility to guide every student coming to the class to learn yoga. Yoga experts recommend you should offer them your help and show empathy instead of treating them as being experienced as you.

Moreover, be open to questions whether it is regarding any confusion with yoga poses or yoga philosophy. In short, you have to be receptive towards the students and form a deeper connection when it comes to yoga coaching.

6. Do Not Forget Self-Practice

A painful truth of being a yoga teacher is many forget to indulge in self-practice. When you are learning to becoming a yoga teacher, why leave it once you are done with it? Make sure you take out time for personal yoga practice as this will help you become a better teacher.


Do you seek to connect with yoga students on a deeper level? Enroll in a certified yoga coaching experience and learn this sacred art from the best.

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