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5 Tips About Dab Rigs From Industry Experts


Dab rigs have taken up the concentrate industry by storm. All previous dab rig users can agree that hits from dab rigs are highly potent and are full of flavor. Dab rigs are also very efficient devices. Every time you use these devices, the cannabinoids and terpenes in the dabbing concentrate will fully vaporize.

Below are the 5 Tips about dab rigs from industry experts that you need to know.

Dab rigs vs. bongs; knowing the difference.

Many people confuse dab rigs for bongs and vice versa as they all have similar features but are very different devices. Bongs are meant for vaping dry herb concentrates, while dab rigs are meant for vaping Dab/ wax concentrates. Also, bongs have a bowl piece, while dab rigs have a dab nail. 

Types of dab rigs.

Dab rigs come in five primary types:

Each dab rig type has a unique feature, and none is better than the other. Choosing your ideal type of dab rig depends on your preferences.

Apart from Electric dab rigs, dab rig feature a nail/ banger, a water pipe, a torch, and a dabber/ dab tool. 

The torch is used to heat the nail, while the dabber is used to load the dabbing concentrate onto the heated. 

A dab rig’s water pipe provides for cooling of the vapor. Usually, it holds some water for filtering and additional cooling of the vapor. Also, the water pipe/ glass piece has a mouthpiece from which one inhales the vapor.

Electric rigs have a battery that powers an E-nail. Whenever you activate the battery, the E-nail heats up to the chosen vaping temperature.

Types of dab rig nails.

The four main varieties of nails found in dab rigs are:

  • Quartz
  • Ceramic
  • Titanium
  • Glass

Quartz nails have the fastest heat-up time. Therefore, you should buy a dab rig with a quartz nail if you want one that will give you the first hits in no time. However, quartz nails are poor in retaining the heat and may need to use a carb cap for more efficiency.

On the other hand, ceramic nails take longer to heat up to the right temperature than quartz nails. However, they retain the heat excellently and are more efficient.

Since titanium nails are metallic, they have a fast heat-up time and are excellent in retaining the heat. However, they tend to build up oxides on their surface after using them for an extended period.

Glass nails are the cheapest option. However, they are very fragile.

Dab Pens come with either a nail with a dome or a domeless nail. The dome is used to help distribute the heat evenly and retain the vapor. Domeless nails have a larger dish and an opening in the center via which the vapor travels onto the dab rig.

Where to buy a dab rig

You can buy your dab rig from either an online dab rig store/ shop or a physical dab rig shop near you. Most brands prefer selling their dab rig online to selling them in physical vape shops. This strategy helps them reach a broader market and advertise their products sufficiently. 

Therefore, you are likely to find a wider variety of dab rigs in online dab rig shops than in physical dab rig shops.

How to use your dab rig appropriately.

Usually, dabs come with a well-written user manual that guides you on using the dab rig appropriately.

Since electric rigs come in different varieties and designs with distinct features, you should always check out this user manual. If your dab rig does not have a user manual, you should look for a step-by-step guide from a reliable online source that matches your type of dab rig description.

Some of the precautions that you should take when using your dab rig include:

  • Do not overpack or overload it with the dabbing concentrate. Overpacking can create a huge mess.
  • Clean the nail of your dab rig regularly to prevent any residue build-up that will impact the dab rig’s performance. You can warm the nail till any residue on its wax vaporizers, or you can rub it with cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol to get a deeper clean.


Dab rigs are one of the greatest innovations in the consumption of cannabis concentrate. Fortunately, you now have lots of knowledge about dab rigs.

Dab pens need regular maintenance and cleaning practices. On the upkeep part, you ought to not overpack it, and you ought to change the coil when it stops working or starts creating harsh hits.

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