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5 Features to Keep An Eye Out for During Athena EHR Demo


About athenahealth EHR

athenahealth EHR is a leader when it comes to EHR (or electronic health record) solutions. The company is based in Massachusetts in the United States and provides practices with a software suite built to provide the best in cloud-based medical services. 

In addition to the award-winning EMR software, athenahealth also provides practices with tools to optimize practice management and billing in order to create an integrated system to improve on coordination with patients and providing the best available care. 

athenahealth is adaptable enough to work with independent clinics as well as large hospitals, while at the same time being customizable so it can work in various specialty settings, such as urology, cardiology, and family medicine, along with over a hundred other specialty areas. 

Using athenahealth, you can connect to a network that includes over 160,000 practitioners, and come up with integrated solutions that aim to make your clinic a top-tier provider. 

Features to Look Out For

Once you are on the lookout for your athena EHR demo, make sure to notice the following features that make athenahealth a standout name in the EHR industry. 

Access Cloud Data Storage

Using athenahealth, you can make sure all of the documentation you carry out at the clinic is stored in a cloud system, where it can be accessed at any time. Gone are the days when you had to rely on clunky patient files since you can now access and use the database of records at any time. 

Instead, modules from Athena will let you add patient information efficiently and organize them at the same time, so you can save on time spent managing documentation and redirect it towards better patient care. 

Navigate Through Patient Charts

As a doctor, you are probably carrying out some kind of work that will require you to go through extensive patient charts. Whether you’re monitoring a couple of high-priority patients closely, checking up on patient history, or you’re carrying out research that requires a lot of information, you will be on the lookout for tools to navigate through a lot of records.

You can use the athenaclinicals module to navigate through the database of patient records in a quick and efficient way, without having to resort to manually combing through data. 

Communicate With Patients and Practitioners

For any practice to work well, it is essential that doctors, staff, and patients all have healthy communication with each other. However, privacy concerns often hold this communication back. While you are taking the athena EHR demo, you’ll see that the software offers secure and accessible tools that prevent a communication gap between these parties. 

Patients can access doctors through secure messages and email, and doctors can even set up specific phone lines for priority patients that require constant monitoring. Patients and doctors can set up appointments when it’s convenient for them and thus reduce the chances of any missed appointments. 

Carry Out Administrative Work In Bulk

Administrative work is an often neglected area in medical clinics – you may find that even with the best care, carrying out administrative work on a daily basis can end up being quite tiresome, burdening, and frustrating. With the athenacollector module, practices can cover all of these tasks efficiently. 

Doctors can process claims spending as little time as possible on applications, allowing the automated software to take over, and even reduce the chances of errors that would lead to rejections. This enables them to spend the majority of their time at the clinic providing the necessary care their patients need. 

Utilize Telehealth Services for Remote Patients

Telehealth is a major feature of this software, as you will notice during your demo. In this time, telehealth offers practices the chance to continue to safely provide care to patients who are remote or unable to visit the clinic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, you can continue to monitor patients and provide crucial support, while at the same time being sure the medical information is kept safe on the HIPAA compliant software platform. 

How to Get an Athena EHR Demo

After reading through all of the excellent features you’ll see on the Athena EHR demo, you must be excited to get started! You can reach out to get a free demo in order to see all of the features mentioned above in real-time through the navigation of athenahealth EHR. 


Once you experience athenahealth in the form of the athena EHR demo, you’ll see that it has plenty of features that make it a viable contender in the industry of record maintenance software.

To make a more informed decision about whether it is the right software for you and your practice, you can read through reviews to see how it matches up with what you expect from your EHR software. 

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