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5 Essential Factors To Consider For Buying A New Air Conditioning System


The mercury has started to rise steadily, and the continuous sweating makes it almost mandatory to switch on the air conditioner at home or the workplace. To get relief and respite from the scorching heat of the sun, most people will be looking forward to buying a new air conditioning system if you haven’t installed one at your home yet.

Air conditioning can help you to improve the cooling system of your entire house and office building. The main feature of ducted air conditioning is the heat exchanger which draws maximum cool air and circulates it from the central position of your house. So it can provide you with the ultimate cooling and your entire house becomes cool within few minutes only. Like for instance, if you require only one or two rooms in the house to be cooled, then the best choice would be a split air conditioner. However, if it is a bungalow and you want the entire house to be air-conditioned, instead of going for multiple split air conditioners, you can opt for an air conditioner.

But before buying the expensive air conditioner. You need to procure all the information about the system and clarify the doubts. The market is flooding with a variety of models from different manufacturers. When you are a customer without prior experience, selecting the right air conditioner will be a tedious task.

The following guide will help you to choose the right model for your residential or commercial space:

1. Tonnage 

The term tonnage refers to the standard cooling capacity of the AC.  For instance, one ton implies the amount of heat necessary to melt one ton of ice within 24 hours. To find the right tonnage of the machine, you have to focus on

  • Room size: If the room is smaller than 130 square feet, then the air conditioner of 1-ton capacity is sufficient. A 1.5-ton machine will be suitable for a room anywhere around 185 square feet.
  • Floor: if you stay in a multi-storied building, a higher tonnage might be necessary if you are living on the top floor. The ceiling will absorb the sun’s direct heat from the terrace, and the room heat will be higher. So room size won’t be the governing factor in this case.
  • Amount of sunlight: again, staying on the top floor would mean the amount f incoming sunlight will be more than the rooms on the ground floor. So the tonnage need can be higher than that for the standard room size.

2. Energy efficiency

Switching on the air conditioning system implies you are gearing up to pay higher electricity bills. But if you buy the energy-efficient models, you can control the electricity consumption and lower the utility bills.

  • Check out the star rating of the device, which will be as per the standard authorization of the country. The ones with high star ratings have better energy efficiency.
  • You can prefer buying the inverter air conditioners too, which will save a lot of energy consumption by preventing the switch on and off of the compressor during voltage fluctuations. You can also covert the air conditioner with higher tonnage into lower tonnage and use it when there are fewer people in the room.

3. Determining the type

There are a number of options in the market, you can opt for the split system, window AC, ducted cooling system, or the tower AC. Which type of air conditioning system appeals better to you- the window ACs or the split ACs? This question is better answerable if you do not prioritize the appeal factor and think of the more practical and important reasons.

  • Split ACs always cause faster cooling than the window ACs.
  • Also, if you are buying this machine as a long-term solution, the durability of the split machines will work better.

4. Improving air quality

Regardless of the technical parameters, it is essential to ensure that the air conditioning system will purify the indoor air. There should be filters to trap the dust and dirt particles along with smoke and unpleasant odor. Try to get one with a dehumidification feature that will help to maintain a comfortable environment during the humid but hot monsoon days.

5. Speed of the fan

A good air conditioning system must have an efficient thermostat and multiple fans to achieve the desired temperature at the lowest time.

Final thoughts

You have learned about all the essential prime factors you need to consider while buying the air conditioner. So it’s time to visit the stores and compare the features of the different models and brands.

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