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5 Best EMR for Medical Charting Software 2021


Why You Need A Medical Charting Feature

As someone running a medical practice, it is important that you have the right tools to increase the likelihood of your success. One of the ways to ensure that you are running a practice well is to employ an EHR software within your practice but beyond that to ensure that the software has all the features that you will need to succeed. In this we urge you to choose a software that has a good charting feature. 

This is because most of your work as a doctor is taking notes and charting patient data into your software. And having an EHR software that has a great charting feature will help you make notes much quicker and chart things much more easily. In this piece we will tell you about various EHR software out there that have the best charting features in the game. From Amazing Charts EMR Software to ChartLogic EHR. We will tell you about them all! 

Top Medical Charting Software


The first software in our list is AllMeds. The reason we think this software would be ideal for you is because of course it has a great charting feature which allows you to cut the time it takes you to make patient notes into half or even less than that. Apart from the charting feature this software also has a great e-prescription feature which you can use to prescribe medication to your patients virtually so that they can easily pick it up from whatever pharmacy is most convenient for them!

Amazing Charts

The next software in our list is Amazing Charts EMR and just as its own name suggests this software is very popular for its charting feature. The charting feature in Amazing Charts EMR allows you to make patient notes in no time at all because the software quickly adapts to your preferences and configures its setting so that you are able to get what you need every time automatically. The templates feature in this software also helps in this regard as there are a lot of template options you can choose from and then even further customize these templates to have them suit your needs even better. Amazing Charts EMR is a great EHR software overall but especially because of how easy it makes charting for you! 

Optimus EHR

After Amazing Charts EMR we have Optimus EHR is not as popular as some of the other software we have included in this list but this software has a lot of great features which is why we included it here. This software has a wonderful charting feature much like the other software in this list which helps you make charting much easier than before. The software also has a claims feature which helps you manage and file claims in no time at all. Filing claims is a very important part of the job and with this software you can not only file them very quickie but you are also able to have them reimbursed much quickly too! 


The next software in our list is Epic EHR which is one of the most popular EHR in the United States. According to a report over 50% of all patient files within the US are housed on Epic’s system. This software of course has a great charting feature which is intuitive and adapts itself to your preferences very quickly. Because of this feature, you are able to save a lot of time as the software already knows what you want and adjusts it for you. The appoitnmetn management feature in Epic is also great as it allows you to send automatic reminders to your patients so that they do not cancel their appointments last minute or become no-shows! 


And the final software in our list is ChartLogic which like Amazing Charts EMR has a name that itself suggests that the software prides itself over its charting feature. This software has a great charting feature and a majority of reviews for the software online praise this feature and list it as the best one in the software as well! This software also has a patient portal feature which allows your patients to log on and manage their own health with you. They can do tasks like scheduling their own appointments, looking at their billing and much more without any assistance from you! 

So Which EHR Should you Invest in?

We recommend investing in a software after you get a demo for it so that you know exactly what you are getting into. Reading about a software and its features is much different from seeing it in action. For example, getting an Amazing Charts EMR demo will help you see if the software is right for you or not! 

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