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5 child tummy troubles and learn how to deal with them



Diarrhoea is extraordinarily prevalent amongst infants and toddlers for a lot of causes, explains Dr Rashinta Moodley, specialist paediatrician and nephrologist. “An infection of the intestine is the most typical trigger resulting from viruses, meals poisoning or consuming contaminated water. Non-infectious causes are resulting from irritation of the intestine, meals intolerance or the usage of sure medicines.”


  • Free to watery stools
  • Stomach ache and lack of urge for food.
  • Vomiting may additionally happen, however the largest danger is dehydration.

Be careful for the next crimson flags, advises Dr Moodley:

  • Lower in passing urine
  • Dry tongue and lips
  • Fewer tears when crying
  • Irritability and lethargy
  • Sunken eyes.
  • These, along with fever, are all hazard indicators, so it’s essential to see a health care provider if they’re current.

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Remedy, based on Dr Tashmin Bisseru, a paediatrician at Life Hilton Private Hospital, consists of: 

  • A house-made rehydration answer of half a teaspoon of desk salt, eight teaspoons of sugar and one litre of cooled, boiled water
  • Rehydration options accessible at pharmacies
  • Encouraging fluid consumption by growing breastfeeding or formulation consumption
  • A bland food regimen for older kids (broths, purées, toast)
  • Supplementing with zinc
  • Taking probiotics to enhance intestine well being.

Bear in mind, says Dr Moodley, that diarrhoea often resolves itself inside two or three days. “Nonetheless, if signs proceed or are extreme, you need to at all times search medical help as your little one could have to be placed on a drip for extreme dehydration.”

Registered homeopath Dr Jaci Schultz suggests attempting homeopathic treatments corresponding to Aloe 6ch and Podophyllum 6ch for explosive, yellow diarrhoea and monitoring your baby’s fruit consumption, particularly throughout summer time. “An excessive amount of fruit typically produces a dodgy tummy, so if that is the trigger, other than reducing again on consumption, Ars Album 6ch ought to do the trick.”


Constipation refers to rare bowel actions, painful bowel actions, issue in passing stools and arduous stools, says Dr Bisseru. “Though it will possibly begin with none clear trigger, there are particular instances when a toddler is extra prone to grow to be constipated.”

These embrace:

  • A change in food regimen, such because the introduction of solids, choosy consuming, decreased fluid consumption and low fibre consumption
  • Psychological points throughout bathroom coaching, the beginning of college, the start of a sibling or divorce
  • Medical causes corresponding to thyroid problems, Hirschsprung’s illness and the uncomfortable side effects of treatment.

Signs embrace:

  • Stomach ache
  • Poor urge for food
  • Nausea, vomiting and belly bloating or distension

Dr Moodley recommends the next remedies:

  • Dietary modification corresponding to growing the consumption of fibre-rich meals like bran, fruit and greens
  • Growing water consumption
  • An everyday bathroom routine
  • Remedy corresponding to stool softeners and laxatives.

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Dr Schultz says that there are a lot of completely different homeopathic treatments that may be safely and successfully used to deal with constipation in infants and toddlers, nevertheless it’s essential to seek out essentially the most particular one which addresses your little one’s signs. “These medicines ought to be individually prescribed, so take your little one to a registered homeopathic practitioner to find out essentially the most acceptable treatment,” she advises.

Tummy ache

The various causes of tummy ache, says Dr Bisseru, embrace:

  • Bowel (intestine) issues corresponding to constipation or irritable bowel
  • An an infection
  • An excessive amount of meals, meals poisoning or meals allergic reactions and intolerances
  • Reflux
  • Worms
  • Surgical issues corresponding to appendicitis or a bowel obstruction

Typically, there isn’t any identifiable trigger for belly ache.

Signs embrace: 

  • Cramps
  • Related diarrhoea
  • Higher belly ache, which might be resulting from reflux
  • Related vomiting (if the vomit is inexperienced, it might be resulting from an obstruction)
  • Blood within the stool
  • Extreme ache in the appropriate decrease belly space, which can be resulting from appendicitis.

Remedy consists of:

Ache reduction treatment corresponding to paracetamol, if the stomach ache is gentle, says Dr Moodley, and doable modifications to your little one’s food regimen. “If no trigger is discovered and the stomach ache persists, psychological administration could also be an possibility in older kids.”

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She provides, “Bear in mind to hunt quick medical consideration if the stomach ache is accompanied by a sudden onset of fever, blood in stools or yellow-green vomit.”

For those who suspect a reflux-related abdomen ache, Dr Schultz suggests utilizing homeopathic treatments corresponding to Ars Album 6ch, Phosphorous 6ch and Robinia 6ch. “Nonetheless, if the ache is extra doubtless a results of cramp or spasm, Magazine Phos 6ch, Colocynthis 6ch and Chamomilla 6ch ought to provide reduction.”

Gastric reflux and vomiting

There are quite a few causes of vomiting in a new child or younger little one, which vary from gentle sicknesses to extreme life-threatening situations, based on Dr Natasha Padayachee-Govender, a paediatrician at Life Fourways Hospital.

“There’s a distinction between vomiting and spitting up, though the phrases are sometimes used interchangeably. Vomiting often has much more drive behind it and is bigger in amount. Spitting up typically happens with a burp after feeding. The medical time period for that is gastroesophageal reflux.

“Vomiting is a symptom that means an underlying downside, so it will be significant to your baby to have a whole historical past taken in addition to an intensive examination.”

The next are particularly essential in figuring out the trigger:

  • Nature of the vomiting, corresponding to the color, the presence of blood, and whether or not it’s projectile or not
  • Length, which is extreme if greater than 12 hours in an toddler, 24 hours in kids youthful than two and 48 hours in older kids
  • Related signs, which embrace diarrhoea, average to extreme dehydration, extreme belly ache, rectal bleeding and fever.

In case your little one has any of the above indicators or is torpid, has misplaced weight or has a distended or tender tummy, he ought to be assessed by your physician and instantly referred to the suitable specialist paediatrician or paediatric surgeon.

Medical therapy of vomiting will depend on the underlying trigger, says Dr Padayachee-Govender, whereas reflux could also be minimised by measures corresponding to providing extra frequent and smaller feeds, holding your child upright after feeds, altering his formulation or bottle teats, and elevating his head when he’s mendacity down.

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Registered homeopath Dr Sheetal Daya suggests utilizing a probiotic to help digestion and keep away from constipation, by stopping an overgrowth of unhealthy micro organism within the intestine.

Homeopathic treatments to ease the discomfort of reflux embrace camomile and Nat phos, which alleviate excessive acid ranges within the abdomen that make gastric reflux worse. “Arsenicum album will assist kids who don’t wish to eat or drink, whereas homeopathic medicines corresponding to Nux vomica, Phosphorus and Sulphur can all be efficient, however ought to be individually prescribed by a registered homeopath based on the character of the signs,” says Dr Daya.

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