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4 Handy Tips To Wash Your Newborn Baby’s Clothes


Washing newborn baby clothes is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires some patience and the right technique. If you do it the right way, you will never fail to get rid of the stains that you have on your baby’s clothes. To make you understand better, here are top four tips on washing newborn baby clothes.

Pre – Wash The Clothes

When we talk about adults, wearing clothes straight off the hanger will never be an issue. But when it comes to the toddlers and newborns, even the minute of dirt and dust on the clothes can be a point of concern. Do not assume that making your newborn wear clothes straight from the hanger will keep him healthy as the clothes are clean. You have no idea what would have happened to the clothes when they made their way to the store and later on to your baby’s closet. Washing newborn baby’s clothes is the need of the hour. A good wash is essential in order to – 

  • Make the material soft and not coarse.
  • Get rid of harmful chemicals from the fabric, if any.
  • Kill the germs, bugs etc that might be present in the clothes as they might be stored in some warehouse.

Hence take time to wash the clothes before making their way into the baby’s closet.

Use A Skin Sensitive Detergent

Please understand the difference between the detergent that is used for washing the whole family’s clothes and for the newborn’s clothes. Newborns have sensitive skin. Therefore their clothes need to be essentially washed by a detergent that is fragrance free, is made for babies and does wonders to the sensitive skin. Washing baby clothes is an art. It should not be underestimated the ease of washing elders’ clothes.

Keeping your baby away from a chemically treated detergent is extremely important as otherwise there can be several unexpected reactions on the baby’s skin. Fragrance free detergents neutralize the odor of the product and are free from synthetic fragrances. It is always good to keep the babies away from as much chemicals as possible. Threfrie a sensitive skin detergent is all that you need.

Read The Tag Beforehand

Baby clothes are delicate and need a little extra care. Washing newborn baby clothes has a lot to do with the price tags. Though the baby clothes might seem a miniature version of parents clothes but they can not be treated with the same carelessness. You need to go through the tag beforehand in order to know the way it should be washed. For example if there are some newborn baby boy clothes that have some delicate element and need sensitive care; you should be aware of that. Whether a particular fabric or cloth is to be washed by hand or can be washed roughly is something that you should be aware of. Also if a particular shirt is of white color, tags can tell you how it should be washed or if it needs hot water or cold water for washing. As you know baby clothes are made of material that is prone to shrinking, you should definitely wash them in cold water. Washing newborn baby clothes from cold water would neither hamper its shape nor its color.

Treat All Stains Differently

Not all stains are the same. From urine stains to food stains, everything is different. In fact everything should be treated differently too. In case you are new to this, one solution that works everywhere at the basic level is pre soaking the stained clothes in cold water. Soaking the stained clothes in cold water would either help you get rid of the stain completely or will lighten a bit.

For baby oil stains either soak the clothes in cold water, sprinkle some cornstarch and wash or keep some liquid soap applied to the stain area for a good 15 minutes and then wash. And lastly if nothing else, warm water is what you need to run behind. Because only warm water can save your toddler’s clothes without leaving any spot.

Now if someone asks about how to wash baby clothes, show them the article and help them understand how all these things can happen smoothly.

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