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10 Best Resorts in Coorg for Luxury Vacation


Green Everywhere, Spellinghob and Wonderful Weather, This Three Synthesized Scottish of India, Cooorg for YOU! If you are planning a holiday in the COORG, there are some very nice resorts that will help you escape with the arms of nature. 

Here are some of the best resorts in Coorg, which insured you nothing in unforgettable experience: 

1. Vivanta of Taj, Madikeri 

Vivanta of Taj lives for exaggeration and easily with the best resorts in Coorg because of its position, hospitality, and ambient environment in the General. Built between nature is the architecture of the resort an old school, which adds only a unique experience. 

5-star luxury resorts are not only equipped with a complete conventional hot tub, a pool, lots of kitchens, but also other services such as childcare and body treatments.  If you want to enjoy a pleasant stay, and enough lazy to leave your bedroom. Then do not worry! The place where this resort is lying giving you a look at the beauty of Coorg, especially in the rainy season. 

2. Tamara, Yavakpadi 

Tamara is one of the most beautiful places in hill stations. If you earn hard money for this resort, trust us! It will be worth it.  

Spectacular images of your room window, delicious food, and hospitable staff will help you to travel easily and very comfortably. The resort also offers a number of unique experiences such as plantation tours, yoga and meditation, bird trips, and special natural travel. 

3. Heritage Resort, Galibeedu 

True for the name, Heritage Resort Coorg is an ideal place where you can experience Kodava’s culture and hospitality. Put the hills with coffee odors, as many coffee plantations, Heritage resorts differ from their other luxury resorts.  

But that does not mean that they have to be endangered with the stay. Your stay will be well and close to nature. A perfect place to penetrate a bit of time with your partner and your family or spend some time. 

4. The Windflower Resort and Spa, Kedakal 

One of the most luxurious resorts in Coorg, the Windflower Resort and Spa is just her place if you want a lazy vacation.  Pamper yourself with food and service, offer resorts. With the presence of friendly and modest staff, always ready to serve you, your stay will definitely be an unforgettable experience, and would like to stay longer. 

5. Mahindra Club, Kalakeri Nidugane 

Club Mahindra has everything for your ideal holiday leave. The lush green landscape around, delicious food, and some funny page pools. One goal in itself, Club Mahindra is one of the most popular resorts from COORG. 

A perfect place for a family vacation. Club Mahindra is in the store for other adults as well as children. When you participate in the game, the fun area is the right place for you. Walking coffee plants regularly organized by the club to bring them closer to nature.  If you are a junkie adventure, the club also has a quad bike ride so that you can climb all the way to the hilly terrain. 

6. COORG Jungle Camp back Natter Resort, Herur 

If you want to experience a lifestyle like dense forests, COORG is an exciting holiday with the Jungle Camp Resort with an exciting holiday. The unique designed resort will never be liked before experience. Coffee plantations, tea sands, orange groves, this resort has everything around him. The rooms are specially designed for honeymooners and families, making them incomplete packages. If you want to rest from a boring monotonous life, try to escape into this resort, and you will not complain. 

7. Cottage Homestay Coffee, Madikeri 

If you want a holiday with a small twist, there are many things that you can provide for yourself. One of the providers is Cottage Homestay coffee.  If the idea of the resorts they are not stimulating, houses will do it for them. If you want to experience how to live in a wooden house designed in the old way, book now! 

You can also enjoy some gourmet dishes under the guidance of the owner itself. You can also bead a cup of coffee while enjoying the landscape from your room window if you want to spend a shared holiday. 

8. Amanvana Spa Resort, Kushalnagar 

Amanvana Spa Resort is one of the most beautiful places in Coorg.  Can hear the gurgle of Cauvery water when you are in this resort. Beautiful bungalows, Riverside grill, and some soulful massages, Amanvana are all tourists who are interested. 

9. Resbatty Greens Resort, Virajpet 

A place that will take you close to nature, in the Ambatty Greens Resort is exciting and peaceful. This resort helps you to use nature.  The modest staff and scenic villages help their journey slightly and therefore their ultimate goal must be when in the COORG. 

10. Kadkani River Resort, Ammathi Ontiangadi 

A tourist destination, the Kadkani River Resort is located on the banks of Coorg. The resort has some classic houses that will definitely help you return immediately. In addition to the regular stay, you can also make some adventure activities such as rafting, crossing river, zip-line, boat, and plantation treks.  

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